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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


For the last few days I have become completely obsessed with a website called Yamelo.
Simply put, it's a timeline of popular music. Select your county, drag the slider to your year of choice, and you're greeted with a huge selection of music videos from that year. It's more addictive than crack!

I guarantee you'll discover gems you'd forgotten all about, gems like 'Love Is A Wonderful Colour' by The Icicle Works from January 1984. You can even create your own playlists of videos, it's fucking excellent.

This is exactly the kind of stuff I want from "Web 2.0". Huge databases of just stuff, stuff that I can access 24/7. Free.

Every episode of Metal Mickey?
Got it.
All of Karel Fialka's albums?
Got it.
The pilot of 'Hardcastle and Mccormack'?
Got it.
That kids tv show on BBC1 that I can't remember the name of, that had kids in a futuristic classroom with their hair all slicked back trying to figure out a mystery?
Got it.

Are you listening Bill Gates?!


Anonymous said...

Argh! Suffering huge cultural anxiety down here. They are putting Japan in their list of countries but no Australia - we've had big hits right? right?

Who could ever forget 'Tie me kangaroo down, sport' by Rolf Harris?

It's a travesty!

Inchy said...

Ah, good old Rolf Harris.

He's officially the King of Moomba, doncha know.

Steve said...

Oh my God. They've put my entire childhood on-line...!

Ron, Apparently said...

See kate, the thing is whilst Rolf was indeed born in Australia, his parets were Welsh, his wife is welsh and he's spend 2/3 of his life as a resident of the UK, so it's a pretty tenuous claim to fame really, don't you think? Like Mel Gibson, born in the US, spent a little time in Aus. then back to the US and you claim him too (although I notice the more bizarre he gets, the quieter the claims on Mel are...)

Inchy said...

We Scots are kinda in the same position with Rod Stewart, even though he has no Scottish blood in him whatsoever!

We're not choosy.

Anonymous said...

You are right, ron apparently..I actually didn't know that about old Rolfie but he was the first Aussie to go abroad with a ridiculous song!
He did grow up in a suburb in Perth, Western Australia though, and I know this because I saw it advertised all over Perth for weeks, "Our prodigal son returns!" (or just 'Rolf Harris plays at his childhood home town')

You know Russell Crowe also was celebrated as a dinkie dink aussie actor until the phone throwing incident at a US hotel and then well, actually he's not really Australian, he's a New Zealander...

Yep as a country we are very guilty of doing that to many celebs...but still. We missed out on the Goombay Dance Band.
Fair go mate! :))


I'm off for a look. Magic Roundabout? Must have it!

What was that thing with a teenage Patsy Kensit? Luna or some'at. Phwooooer!!!!