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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Cult of Inchy

After my post the other day about the film 'Cellular' and the fine line between a movie being a shit film and a cult film, I thought I'd give you the top five cult dvd's that I own. Now I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek and as such my dvd collection reflects that. Anyway, in no particular order, here we go.

Films from the IKEA shelving unit.

1. 'Dark Star' - 1974
It's the story of the crew of a ship that protects mankind by blowing up unstable planets, except that one of their bombs thinks it's God. Go figure.

2. 'Real Genius' - 1985
Val Kilmer is a super-genius student duped into designing a weapon by his teacher. He and his fellow students decide to get their own back "with hilarious results!"

3 'Dune' - 1984
David Lynch's adaptation of Frank Herbert's cult novel of a future empire and the galaxy's supreme being. There are at least 3 versions of this film, and I have all of them, but the original Lynch version is by far the best.

4. 'Equilibrium' - 2002
"But it's just like The Matrix!" I hear you cry. Bollocks. This is a superb futureworld movie. Very 1984ish, but the 'Gun Kata' sequences are superb. Cult classic.

5. 'Saturn 3' - 1980
A movie about a killer robot with a hardon, and featuring the most unlikely trio of actors ever seen in a sci-fi film. Harvey Keitel, Kirk Douglas, and Farrah Fawcett.

Anybody got any others?


Jaggy said...

You left out your favourite movie of all time. Top Gun!

I've never seen any of these, apart from the first 20 minutes of Equilibrium when you leant it to me, then I turned it off because it WAS just like a really bad version of The Matrix.

Inchy said...

I should have included Mission Impossible 2, just for you.

If you'd bothered to persist with Equilibrium, you'd have found that it's a lot better than The Matrix, in my opinion.

Ron, Apparently said...

One of my faves is the truly awful "Near Dark". The bit where the hero's Dad gies him a total blood transfusion from himself (how does Dad not exanguinate & die????)to cure his vampirism is a piece of classic cinematic drama.
Or not.

Ro said...

Ahhh what films! Dark Star is an absolute classic.

I can't quite agree with you on Equilibrium or Dune, though: they're both films that could have been great, maybe should have been great ... but for different reasons didn't quite make it.

Equilibrium is wonderfully dark and not a bad tale but I never feel fully satisfied by the one-insider-brings-down-the-entire-system-in-a-couple -of-days thing :)

Dune ... ahhh if only Lynch had been able to make the eighteen-hour version ;^) As it happens, I find the John Harrison TV mini-series better in most ways.

And you didn't mention "Bad Taste" :D