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Monday, April 21, 2008

Anarchy In The UK

Well in Scotland anyway. This is the view from the Millennium Falcon TDi at Morrisons petrol station in East Kilbride at around 2:30pm today, and what you are seeing is hysteria.
A part of the Grangemouth oil refinery will be going on strike next week for 48 hours, but the media have fuelled the flames (pardon the pun) of the already perpetually scared 'man in the street' to the point where people are panic buying. I had to queue for twenty fucking minutes to get some diesel for the Falcon, and everyone around me were filling their tanks to the brim. One guy was even filling a jerry can! I have a few friends who work at the plant in question, so I spent my waiting time texting them with messages like "You are a really bad person, look what you've done, you selfish highly paid process operator!" It had the desired result.

I can't help wondering how many people have done a u-turn on their anti-war principals.

"Sure the war in Iraq is unlawful and abhorrent, that's why I protested against it, but dude, I ain't giving up my Audi TT for no fucking arabs!"

For anyone who is hard of thinking, relax. Normal service will be resumed in the morning.


Anonymous said...


I actually can't wait till the oil runs out and we go round to using horses again and carriages.

Ron, Apparently said...


zen wizard said...

That sucks.

Here the price of gas has gone up to about $3.69 per gallon in the cheap stations.

If it gets around $4, I call that a national security issue, because some people won't be able to get to their jobs.

And Georgia is the cheap place, due to among other things proximity to New Orleans.

What will really suck is places like Des Moines, Iowa and Chicago and shit.

Inchy said...

Hi Zen, we already pay the equivalent of $8.65 for a gallon here in the UK.
That's nasty.

Jimmy said...

I saw to guys square-up at the pumps in Inverness the other day after a i'll rev more than you for that space in the queue, ala 'Handbags at Forty Paces'