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Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Kiss the the floor, bitch!"

Am I the only one who finds the case of Andrew Ibrahim, the white 19 year old Islamic convert who's had all his shit blown up in controlled explosions, slightly bizarre and just a wee bit funny?
The police raided his house after "covert inquiries prompted by an intelligence tip-off."

A tip off??

His name is Andrew IBRAHIM! That's as good a reason as any for a small chat 'down the station', I reckon.
This is from the BBC News website, it's great!
Next-door-neighbour Rachel Clifford told BBC News that she met the suspect only recently, after she knocked on the door to complain about loud, Islamic-sounding music. She said the man who answered the door had first had to unlock 10 or 12 different bolts and he was wearing white Islamic dress.

"I remember feeling quite unnerved, I just wanted to say my piece and get out of there."

That's the kind of plucky, have-a-go, Dunkirk spirited, local hero that we need in the current 'War On Terror'. If Rachel Clifford had been packing a Brugger & Thomet TP-9 with integrated HK MP5 TL-99 Surefire G2 Tactical Light (standard SAS issue), under her cardigan, then we might not have had this disruption in the first place.


Jaggy said...

Playing "Islamic sounding music" does not make you guilty of anything.

It's not yet illegal to be a Muslim.

I can see your racist tendancies shining through here.

Live and let live, that's what I say.

Inchy said...

My post was clearly written using a writers tool called 'sarcasm', whereas I know your feelings on the world of Islam, Mr Jaggy, or Mein Fuhrer Jaggy as you're known!

Ron, Apparently said...

I like that gun. I might have to get one.

Jaggy said...

Secretly, you think he deserves it.

Inchy said...

Jaggy - Given the hassle I've had with Siegfried & Roy upstairs, I'd have slotted him as soon as he opened the door, just for playing the loud music.

The point I was trying to make was that it is of absolutely no significance what kind of music he was playing loudly. Be it Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, or 'Im Nin'Alu' by Ofra Haza, it makes no difference, but by calling it 'Islamic-sounding' the media keeps the fear going just a wee bitty longer.

Ron - Charlton Heston was right, guns are cool.

Steve said...

I agree. Just what is "Islamic sounding music"?? To most people who can't tell the difference any Bollywood soundtrack, Turkish pop song or the latest Czech entry to the Eurovision song contest could be percieved as Islamic sounding.

Helga Hansen said...

What's really scary is that it's my neck of the woods, and you don't really want to be thinking that someone is planning something dodgy in your neck of the woods!!

Ron, Apparently said...

They are indeed. I'm either going to get myself an AR-15 and modify the shit out of it, or my first choice a Springfield Socom II in .308
Very cool indeed.

Inchy said...

You're just a wee bit scary Ron.