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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I need another weekend

I've had a busy weekend, which is something I usually try to avoid. I like to do as little as possible at weekends, as is my want.

Anyway, the sun was out and MotoGP qualifying had just finished so Saturday afternoon found me tearing off to Edinburgh on the bike where I ordered a new Arai 'Chaser' helmet from the Hein Gericke shop. A slice of carbon fibre loveliness. Upon returning home The Demon said "Would you like to go out for dinner, my treat?" The obvious answer was "Too fucking right I would!" so off to 'Behind The Wall' we headed where I planned to consume as much as was humanly possible. I started my free feast with Haggis Chimmis, which seemed to be haggis wrapped in a flour tortilla and then deep fried, served with salad and a garlic mayonnaise dip. Lovely. The Demon had her default starter, garlic bread with cheese. On to the main course and I plumped for something called Dixie Chicken, which was strips of chicken breast in corn crumbs with a BBQ dip, salad, and mash. It hit the spot. The Demon had penne pasta in a crème cheese sauce, which, as usual, she ate about a third of, I scoffed the rest.
By this point I just wanted to curl up somewhere and have a little nap, but oh no, the fun didn't end there.

We then headed off to see the new Kevin Spacey film '21', which I have to say I really enjoyed. It's a wee bit long at two hours and you can guess the ending after the first 30 minutes, but it's based on an interesting true story, it's filmed well, and has Kate Bosworth (above), who would get it from every possible angle, in it. Kevin Spacey, as he always does, steals the film. His acting skills are hardly challenged, it must be said, but I'm going to go on record as saying that he's probably one of the best actors of the last 15 or 20 years. 8/10

Sunday. All I really wanted to do was lie on the couch and watch the MotoGP from Estoril. Instead I was picked up at 9am by the Cram brothers, mountain bike on the roof of the car, and off to do the Carron Valley mountain bike trails. It's no Glentress, but it's 20 minutes from where I live and has a really good end to the run with high speed berms and some really good jumps. We ended up doing it three times until Young Cram crashed and mashed his elbow. It was hilarious. There's nothing funnier than other peoples misery.

I'm now completely shattered and I'm going to lie on my couch for the rest of the evening. Bliss.

This week I am mostly listening to 'Always where I need to be' by The Kooks, and 'Great DJ' by The Ting Tings.


Anonymous said...

Well that sounds like a pretty great weekend...I like Kevin Spacey also - my favourite role of his is when he played Quoyle in The Shipping News. He does quirky and hapless so damn well.

Steve said...

Ooh Kate Bosworth - first I've heard of her but I share your enthusiasm. Love that 1920's look. I feel a Bertie Wooster coming on...

Inchy said...

Kate - It'd be either 'K-PAX' or 'L.A. Confidential' for me

Steve - She was in a really bad flick called 'Blue Crush' and more recently she played Lois lane in 'Superman Returns'.

Ron, Apparently said...

I know something else she could play....with.

Inchy said...

Ron mate, there's a que!