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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cam for me baby!

Today myself and the rest of the middle aged teenagers headed off to the glory that is Glentress Mountain Bike Centre, but today we took along a new toy, an Oregon Scientific 'Action Cam'.
Now I don't claim to be Martin Scorcese, but I gave it my best shot, and from the 43 minutes I shot, this 4 minute vid is about the only remotely salvageable part.
In this clip is my friend trying to be 17 again, and I have the camera behind him.
It's not the best, granted, and next time I'll mount it on my helmet (oo er!) which should be a bit smoother and with less vibration than on the handlebars, but for a first effort I'm reasonably happy. It's a hefty file so it may take a while to load.

The audio track is the excellent 'Hundred Mile High City' by Ocean Colour Scene.

A better quality copy can be viewed here.


Anonymous said...

Well I watched most of it and I think it's kind of cool. Much more fun than how I spent my weekend, admiring bowls and spoons.

Awaiting the head-cam action!

Auburn haired artist said...

Wow ! That's really awesome ! O'course, there is no way that You'd catch me doing that shit! I'd end up admiring the beauty of Scotland as my twisted and mangled body lay among the trees, waiting for the paramedics to rescue my ass.

My 22 year old son would love that kind of thing, but he's crazy too.

Steve said...

I feel the need... the need for speed. I feel like I've had a great weekend workout but without getting a sore arse or saddle sore. Which is after all the best weekend of all.

Inchy said...

No pain no gain, Steve.

thebiglumpousky said...

You guys look a bit gay in your lycra cladding. Full face helmet for a push Bike???? what is the world coming to. You should try pouring parafin over your feet and taking a match to them - now thats an exciting weekend!!

Inchy said...

Great idea! Send me some pics of you trying it out and I'll be right behind you!

Send them to

thebiglumpousky said...

Now that seems a little tetchy to me. If this is your site then be prepared for constructive responses. That was constructive in my opinion - live with it as my opinion is always correct.

Pictures? No feet left so how can I send pictures bozo.

Inchy said...

Feel free to do a little dance then.