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Thursday, April 24, 2008


I suppose you could call this post a product review, but I'd prefer to call it a warning. As you may remember from an earlier post, The Demon, my 'bidey in' as us Scots would say, did the monthly big shopping all on her lonesome and one of the products she returned brandishing was this, Aquafresh Iso-Active Foaming Gel Toothpaste (fresh mint), which is quite a mouthful in more than one way.
Now I'm sure some of you will be aware of the foam gel soaps that appeard a few years ago. A tiny wee squirt on your hand soon turns in to way more lather than you originally were hoping for, well this is the same except it happens in your gob. I dispensed my usual amount on the end of the brush (an Oral-B Pulsar, the champions choice) and proceeded to brush in a vigorous manner alternating between vertical and horizontal strokes. 10 seconds later I looked like I had Rabies! Minty foam spraying from my gob like some bizarre Von Neumann machine from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
I have to tell you, I've looked better.


Steve said...

I see a future for you starring in dodgy gay porn movies.

Inchy said...

So you often think about gay porn, Steve?!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, luckily I don't believe we have that product on our shelves..but thanks for the heads up!

Mr Bison said...

I have to say that I prefer toothpaste to look like toothpaste, i.e. in a tube that you can roll up until there's nothing left but still not get round to throwing away. That thing looks more like a vibrating love toy. A high-end one with a realistic climax feature, apparently.

Inchy said...

Here Here, Bison!

There was nothing wrong with toothpaste the way it was. This is just 'science' inventing shit we don't need, like Coke 'Zero', and mobile internet.