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Friday, February 29, 2008

Prince Rambo

I feel sorry for Prince Harry, I really do. The poor guy can't get a break. He's slated for not going to fight, he's slated for going to fight. He's a soldier, let him do his bloody job!
I've just watched the Channel 4 news. Their reporter, Lucy Manning, was outside a mosque in London interviewing people about their opinions regarding Harry fighting in Afghanistan, and to a man, they were very supportive of him, even though you could tell that she was desperate for someone to kick off on one and call him a killer or an infidel.

Leave him be.

Anyway, on to Rambo.

The Demon had made it clear that Rambo was definitely NOT on the calendar as far as she was concerned, so myself and my good friend, The Heid, trekked along to see it today, but let me clarify something right from the word go. This film isn't going to win any awards for originality or script writing, but on the other hand it is an absolutely fantastic bloke's film!

Guys, your wife/girlfriend/significant other will think that this is the worst film she's ever seen, if you manage to drag her to see it. You, on the other hand, will be a whoopin' and a hollerin' at the most ridiculous orgy of violence, carnage, and destruction, that I have ever seen! Trust me on this, it's astonishing that it got away with only an 18 certificate! I actually found myself giggling like some sort of voyeuristic Satanic devil-child at one point, so intense and gratuitous was the blood letting!

It's a Blackpool Pleasure Beach of violence, it's an Alton Towers of violence, it's a Disney-fucking-land of violence. It's so violent, if you showed it to the Taliban and told them John Rambo was coming, there would be peace in the Middle East in a before I can make cheese on toast.



Steve said...

There is something very strange about a 60 year old man still wanting to run around and pretend to kill lots of people. I watched Sly Stallone on Jonathon Ross and came to the conclusion that while he might not be fully unhinged he is a little unlevered...

Inchy said...

That's not really a bad thing, Steve. When I'm in my 60's, I hope I'm still doing stupid stuff, still riding my motorbike, still getting excited at the thought of Gran Tourismo 44, etc etc.

Steve said...

Those are all worthy ambitions Inchy... wanting to be glamorized as a purveyor of mass genocide is something else!

Jaggy said...

Steve, it's a film, it's not real!

Steve said...

Yes but do the yanks know that?