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Monday, February 11, 2008

Life. It's shorter than you think.

Yes, that's right, life is short. As short as 12 years if you're teenage murderer Jordan Cunliffe, 15 years if you're Stephen Sorton, and 17 years if you're Adam Swellings. We met these three scumbags a few weeks ago. They are the three teenage pieces of shit that kicked a father of three to death outside his home last year, and they've just been sentenced to 'life' imprisonment.

"Great." thinks I. "30 years inside is the least that these bastards deserve."

. . . but wait.

It seems that 'life' is negotiable. Life is around about 14.666667 years for these three dregs of humanity, if you take the average, so it's possible that the victim's 18 year old daughter may have to face the first of the men who murdered her father when she's only 30 years old, and the killer will only be 28. Hardly seems fair somehow.
I used to think that a 'Life Sentence' was a minimum of 30 years, but clearly I'm wrong. Surely it can't be right that these 'men' can commit murder and yet still be out young enough for a Club 18-30 holiday!

In the words of Detective Inspector Geoff Elvey of Cheshire Police
"They will have time to reflect upon their actions."

Well well, that'll teach them! Way to go, Geoff!

Reflect?! FFS!

I don't want them to have time to reflect! I want them to be too busy being punished, beaten, and raped!


Jaggy said...

To Jaggy Island with 'em.


Inchy said...

Fucking right. What kind of message does that sentence send out?