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Sunday, February 03, 2008


Went to see Cloverfield tonight, but first I'd like to mention the adverts. If you're a regular cinema goer, like myself, then you'll no doubt have see the Orange Film Board adverts featuring American actor Brennan Brown as Mr Dresden, head of the Orange Film Funding Board, and British actor Steve Furst as Elliot, his faithful assistant. The latest in the long-running Orange cinema campaign, created by the agency Mother London, I've posted below. This has been an excellent series of adverts for Orange, and has never failed to make me laugh.

Anyway, back to the much hyped Cloverfield. I thoroughly enjoyed it, which surprised me a bit given that I thought that The Blair Witch Project, which is filmed in the same 'voyeuristic' style with only a single hand-held camera, was utterly shite. It gave Cloverfied an intensity and pace that I think would have been lacking if it had been filmed conventionally, and helps to turn what is essentially a fairly straightforward 'Godzilla-attacks-New York' disaster movie into something a wee bit special. Monster movies are generally very predictable, "don't go down the dark corridor" and "it's behind you!" sort of stuff, but the extremely amateurish camera work ensures that even these old move clichés still have life left in them. Well worth a watch.



Gordy said...

Canny beleive you liked this pish.

Every cunt gets eaten by the mad spider things but they survive. He pulls his burd off a big spike and she's then able to run about the streets like it's fuck all.
The monster grabs the helicopter and drives it into the ground... they dont die... then the wake up a good few hours later (it's daylight) and the fuckin things still hangin about there waiting to eat them, when before it had been getting bombed to fuck. But it has the time to sit and do a sudoku puzzle and chill till he sees they're still alive then chops down on the fuckers. Then... the brilliand ending... he runs into a tunnel. Wow fantastic. Biggest load of shite i've ever seen and beleive me i've seen loads of shite films. Get Superbad... it's much better.

Inchy said...

Superbad is a film for wee boys who think that a woman's 'boobies' are funny. It's mindless pish. It's as bad as American Pie 1, 2, and 3, Road Trip, and a thousand other 'Porkies' clones. Pointless American teen trash vomited out of Hollywood all over us and it's mindless zombies like you that sit there lapping it up, doubled up laughing because someone did something hilarious with his 'pee-pee'. Burn Hollywood, burn.

Anonymous said...

Cut wi the brainy image. You think boobies are funny too. I've been out on nights out wi you.