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Friday, February 01, 2008

Restless Natives

There are some things us Scots do well. Whiskey, Haggis, heart disease. And there are things we're pish at. Health care, football, and movies.
There's been the odd gem, Grayfriars Bobby, Trainspotting, Whiskey Galore, to name a few, but for me there is one film that towers above them all, 1985's Restless Natives.

The story of Will and Ronnie, two Edinburgh lads who decide to hold up tourist buses for a living, and if you ever wanted to show someone the kind of scenery we're (rightly) proud of here in Scotland, well this is the film to recommend to them.
I love it. I've always loved it. I own a tattered ex-rental copy of the film on VHS that I've had for as long as I can remember, but now have it on DVD.

It's a harmless wee film that romps all over Scotland's countryside. It pokes fun at the Scottish mentality, it boasts the finest soundtrack to any movie EVER by Big Country, and is probably the only film ever to feature the line:

"Geez that back, ya fanny!"


If you're Scottish and don't have a wee place in your heart for this film, then you're either Alan Hansen or Lulu. In which case, you can fuck right off.

1 comment:

Sky Clearbrook said...

Or you're Craig Ferguson - oh yeah.. but that's because he's American

With you 100% on Restless Natives.

"Ah hold up buses!"