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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kids & Shite Music

I'm dying. I know that technically we all are, but I'm really dying. I have a hangover of biblical proportions right now, and not even 2 glorious litres of full sugar Irn Bru, a fry up, and Hollyoaks omnibus seem to be helping. Last night I ventured out into the bright lights of Ye Olde Falkirk Towne to help celebrate the birth of my friend's son, so, as is the norm in these situations, a pub crawl seemed the order of the day. This meant that we found ourselves in 'The Scotia Bar' where I experienced a genuine 'Ashes To Ashes' moment. It was like stepping straight into the '80's! People with style in clothing that, at best, would be called questionable, guys with less hair and more stomach than me, and women massacring some of the best of that decade's music on karaoke.
It was at this point that a woman with more peroxide than sense stepped up to sing 'Drop The Pilot' by Mandy Moore.

Mandy Moore?

Excuse me, karaoke host, there seems to be a discrepancy here.
'Drop The Pilot' is a superb song by the great Joan Armatrading, that has been bludgeoned to death by American teen popstress Moore, you can watch the video here, or Joan's original here.

At this point I had a discussion with one of my friends. It's a discussion we've had before, and I'm sure we'll have it again. It went a little something like this:

"What the fuck is your website all about?"

"It's not a website, it's a blog."


"A blog. A weblog. It's sort of like an online journal where I post thoughts, ideas, experiences, anything really. It's a place where I can share with other people, have discussions, sort of like a forum. Anyone can have their say and all opinions are valid."


"You can meet chicks and take the piss out of people."

"Ha! You're a fanny!"

I didn't have a comeback for that one.

Incidentally, worst cover version of all time? 'Don't Give Up' by Bono & Alicia Keys.


Jaggy said...

Did the barman forget to put the lemonade in your 2 pints of Kaliber?

garfieldrannoch said...

I thought you'd have "give a little respect" by Wheatus down as worst cover version and perhaps "I feel love" by Bronski Beat and Marc Almond as best ever?

Inchy said...

Luckily I haven't experienced any 'Jaggy Lines' today, or I would have had to go for a lie down without getting paid.

Mr Rannoch, I bow down before your superior knowledge of gay music.