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Monday, March 31, 2008

High Five!

I've just been reading the BBC News 24 website, I don't buy newspapers you see, and I couldn't help but chuckle at a piece on Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander.

When asked how she would score herself out of ten for her own job performance, our Wendy replied:

"Rising all the time, I think is the answer, 10 out of 10"

Now I've met Ms Alexander when she came to visit the Motorola factory in Bathgate where I worked, 7 years ago or so. The company had just announced that it was between Scotland and Germany to see which of it's two factories it was going to close, but most of us felt reassured by Wendy's handshakes and soundbites like:

"We'll do whatever it takes"
"This is a fight I intend to win"

I remember thinking that my future was in safe hands.
Of course, as we all know, the German factory is still going strong, and the old Motorola factory in Bathgate is now a half empty industrial estate.

Way to go Wendy. Let me hold your trumpet for you to blow.


Jaggy said...

You may not buy newspapers, but that doesn't stop you reading them.

Wendy Alexander is an incompetent arsehole, if she's the best that "New" Labour can come up with then they can look forward to many more years out of power in Scotland.

Ron, Apparently said...

Politicians, i heard somewhere, shoyuld be excluded from running for office on the basis that they want the job. Public servants generally do a better job when they have to do the job as opposed to want to.


A quality politician then. Obviously destined for great things.


Inchy said...

You're all right.

That must be a first!