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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chalk & Cheese

Jim Jefferies.

"Who?" I hear you say.

Mr Jefferies is a fantastic Australian comic who is the exact opposite of someone like Dara O'Briain. Instead of intelligent, quick-fire humour, you get base level comedy about religion, women, sex, terrorists, rape, masturbation, etc etc, no subject is taboo. Now there's nothing wrong with that, as long as it's funny, but after seeing Jim last night, I really think he needs to practice a bit more. Jim came on, quite obviously very drunk, and the first half hour or so was fine. Lots of laughs, lots of groans, lots of glances at your friends as if to say "well I know I shouldn't be laughing at this, but you are too!", but then things went downhill. Jim was clearly so drunk that he started not only to forget which particular routine he was performing, but the punchline to the joke he was telling at the time. He was getting jokes mixed up, the sound from his mike cut out, and then, schoolboy error, he started getting into a slagging match with one of the audience. After maybe the 15th minute of this verbal trading, during which I was tempted to start playing tetris on my phone I was so bored, Jim thanked everyone, said goodnight, and announced that he'd be selling CD's at the bar. Good.

As we left, we passed the que of people waiting to go in for Jim's second show of the evening. Given that during the show I watched he managed to down a further 3 pints, I can only assume that they are feeling a bit let down this morning.

Must try harder.


Roman Empress said...

that's a shame, I love a good rape gag, me. As long as it's black and made of velveteen.


Only foreigners can be pissed and not funny.

According to the wife I'm hysterical when I'm pissed - although she generally says that in bed which is a worry......

Steve said...

Being drunk on a job that requires your wits is not very bright! It also shows either extreme contempt or extreme fear of the audience...

zen wizard said...

By and large, some of those comedians can really hold their liquor, so I am surprised.

I think the job attracts alcohol abusers: Think about it--you go out with a drink and be a smart-ass in public for an hour! Then your job is over, and you can start REALLY DRINKING.

And your job really doesn't even start before anytime before 7 pm--so there is plenty of time to sleep off your hangover the next day.

I mean, try doing that when you are a parking valet or some other job. It would be hard.

Comedy clubs are practically a training ground for future AA members.

Watching comedian Ron White perform, for example, I can't believe how much booze he puts away in a show--it would seem like Mr. Ed would have trouble remembering his lines after two pints of whiskey.

Inchy said...

To be honest, I think it was more that he just didn't give a shit rather than too much alcohol, though I'm sure that didn't help.