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Friday, March 07, 2008

Nostalgia (Part 2)

Well well, French and Saunders are up here in Scotland to launch the Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

Am I the only one who sees the irony in that?

Has there, in fact, been a time, any time, in their careers when they have ever actually been funny?
Don't you dare mention 'Ab Fab' or 'The Vicar Of Dibley'! They were NEVER funny. Both series seemed to revolve around one "joke". In Absolutely Fabulous the mother behaves like the teenager, the teenager behaves like a mother. In The Vicar Of Dibley the vicar is a big fat woman who doesn't behave like a vicar should. That's it. Not really exploring the boundaries of comedy there, are we.

I got home from work last night and ended up watching a rerun of 'Morecambe & Wise' on UKSomething or other, and I laughed my tits off. Along with The Two Ronnies, they are still the benchmark for TV humour.
It used to be something that British TV excelled at. We had sitcoms coming out of our ears, and by and large, they were all funny. Terry & June, In Sickness and In Health, Only When I Laugh, and on and on, but clearly those days are long gone. Sadly.

PS - If someone mentions Ant & Dec, I will hunt you down like a dog.


Sky Clearbrook said...

I hated "AbFab". It was deeply unfunny to start with, but from what I recall, it subsequently became a bit of a mutual wankfest between J.Saunders and her oh-so famous buddies - the regular appearances of so-called celebs made this shite show even more unbearable - as though that was even possible.

"Dibley" - all shot in that hideous soft-focus video. It looked disgusting and it was as bland as it could possibly have been. Richard Curtis just doesn't seem to be able to refrain from making just one more last-ever show (honest) every couple of fucking years. It makes me feel fucking sick.

Fuck them all - the fucking fuckers.

Inchy said...

Clearly some angst has built up in your recent isolation.

Let it out, my friend, let it out.
This blog is cathartic.

Steve said...

I have to admit I always found their "fat wanking car park attendants" very funny. But maybe fat wanking car park attendants are funny per se?

Inchy said...

Don't really have many dealings with car park attendants in my day to day life. In fact I don't really spend a lot of time in car parks at all . . . except when I go dogging.


Morcambe and Wise will never be surpassed. Tommy Cooper was special n all.

Glasgow? Billy Connelly should always open it.

My mates uncle actually died of a heart attack laughing at Connelly.

Inchy said...

I remember watching Tommy Cooper the night he died. I remember me and my dad laughing our arses off thinking it was part of the act.

I kinda think it was a fitting way for him to go.