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Friday, January 18, 2008

Who the fuck funds these people?

They've done it!

People said they'd never do it, but they proved them wrong!

Hungarian scientists have developed software that can translate the growls, yaps, barks, and grunts that your dog makes!

Let's just mull over this snippet of earth-shattering news:

In Hungary, there are 'scientists' who have decided that the cutting edge of research isn't hybrid embryo cloning or spintronics or even the 'Large Hadron Collider', but talking to your dog? That's the edge, God damn it!

Now apart from the fact that this software is the most useless piece of shite since 'The Sims', most dog owners are already pretty adept at knowing what their dog is trying to tell them. When my dog barks and wags it's tail, it's happy. When my dog barks and growls, it's up for a fight. When my dog yelps, it wants me to stop standing on it's paw. You're getting the picture here, right?

If they win a Nobel prize, I'm buying an airline ticket to Hungary and a gun.

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