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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Barking mad!

As I lay on my couch yesterday in my post-celebratory hangover, I found myself surfing the airwaves in a vain attempt to find a tv program that could hold on to my attention for more than 2 minutes, when I happened to find something called the E! Channel, and no its not about class 1 drugs. This channel is devoted to the phenomenon that is Celebrity. Now I've voiced my opinion and open contempt for this concept in the past, but this show had something that actually amazed me. They had a reporter inside P Diddy's New Year party, and I swear that every second female 'celebrity' strolled up the red carpet with a fucking dog either tucked under their arm or stuffed in a handbag!

What the fuck is that all about?!

I've had dogs all my life, but I'm pretty sure that the last thing that a small Shi Tzu really needs is flashguns going of in it's face, being carried everywhere by it's ribcage, and forced to listen to dance music on a bejillion watt P.A system!

This, once again, reinforces my belief that these people have way too much power and status attached to them. You know something's wrong when most school kids aspire to be simply 'famous'. Not a famous musician or actor or footballer, but just to be 'famous'.
It's possible to be incredibly famous and live a 'normal' life, many people do, but the vast majority seem to feel the need to throw common sense straight out the penthouse window and take their pooch for a pint.


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