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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Retail Happiness . . .

. . . is a new SONY Bravia KDL32T2800 LCD Television.

"It has a contrast ratio of over 8000 to 1" says the shop salesman.

"That's pretty good then" says I.

"Oh yes" replies salesman "that Philips one there has only 4000 to 1"

"Well I think I'll be taking the SONY one then" quips I.

"You won't be disappointed, I have one of these myself" says my new friend.

. . . and on we go with the traditional electrical goods soap opera.

"Remember and try to get me to buy an extended warranty!"

How we laughed!

P.S. - Yes, that is Home And Away that's on, but at least it keeps her off the PC!

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