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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


"Hi, I have a part to pick up. I ordered it yesterday"
"Yes sir, what's the name?"
"I am The Inchmeister."
"Here you are sir."
"Wait a moment, young metrosexual shop assistant, this thermostat was supposed to come with a gasket!"
"Sorry sir, that's all that came with the order."
"I specifically asked if it came with a gasket. Your other metrosexual shop assistant actually phoned and asked if it came with one. He said it did."
"I'm sorry sir, on my screen it says 'no gasket included'."
"Well we are at an impasse, young man."
"I'm sorry, all I can do is give you your £14.60 as a refund?"
"Please do."

Time passes.

"Hello sir, welcome to Citroen Falkirk, how can I help you?"
"I wish to purchase a thermostat AND gasket for a Xantia Turbo Diesel, please."
"Certainly sir, I have it here, and it includes the gasket. That'll be £12.99 please."

Here endeth the lesson.


The Manic Street Preacher said...

thermostat? gasket?

I just go to my garage and let them sort out all this strange alien stuff.

As they like me it's cash so no VAT.

Does for me.

WTF is a gasket anyroad??

Steve said...

Everybody knows Halfords make you blow your gasket...

Zen Wizard said...

When your gasket's on the line, make sure and shop for a thermostat with a gasket.

If they don't include the gasket, tell them to shove the thermostat up their gasket!

(I don't know that much about cars, but how would you have a thermostat without a gasket? The water would just go right through the pipe. Anyway...)