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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Indiana Jones and The Milking Of The Golden Cash Cow

Myself and The Demon went to see 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull' at the weekend and I have a message for Steven Spielberg. After hearing him pontificating on tv about how this movie was "for the fans", I'm afraid I have to tell him that I'm a fan and I thought it was rubbish.
Don't get me wrong, in isolation it's an ok action/adventure movie, but after watching the original three Indiana Jones movies in the weeks up to the release of the new one, I have to say that it's easily the poorest of the four.
I think the problem lies with the fact that they have deviated from the tried and trusted path that the originals followed, a path worn by the best of the 60's and 70's adventure movies like 'Doc Savage: The Man Of Bronze'. The thing I always enjoyed about the original Indy movies was that you could almost believe the plot, you could stretch your imagination round the Ark of The Covenant, or The Holy Grail, but the new movie is just one great big fantasy CGI festival.
Gone are the days of filming in places that I have actually been to, and hello to pixel manipulation of the highest order. Not even the token gesture of including Karen Allen to reprise her role as 'Marion Ravenwood' or Ray Winstone as the pointless character 'Mac' can lift the rather slow plot, and I have to say that this is the only Indy move where I didn't want to be Indiana Jones. He looks every one of his 65 years, yet is still able to take a beating like Joe Calzaghe!

You'd really think that after 'The Phantom Menace' debacle, George Lucas might have whispered in Steven Spielberg's ear "Hey Steve, you can never go back.", but no, here we are again, flogging the dead horse, milking the cash cow, and pissing off real Indy fans.
Like the dinosaurs, some things are better left dead.



Helga Hansen said...

Can't comment as I've not seen the movie. I'll be back once I've done so! :) Still think Harrison is yummy... it must be those craggy features!

Ro said...

I agree it doesn't live up to the original trilogy but, even so, I enjoyed it.

So sue me!