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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good vs Evil

I'm definitely rocking more than I used to. I dunno if it's may age, or maybe some latent anger building up in me, but I've been kneeling at the altar of the great AC/DC all weekend, and verily, a good weekend it has surely been.
Therefore, I'd like to submit what I consider to be the greatest 4 minutes and 20 seconds of guitar based popular music that there has ever been. Enjoy.

PS - See below for blasphemy of the highest magnitude!


Mr Bison said...

Excellent choice - Back In Black is one of the best albums ever made and was the very first one I bought when I got my CD player and had to start changing over from vinyl.

However I have to put in a word here for the Bon Scott years, and the excellent "Touch Too Much". Now that's rock.

BTW - just what the fuck is that other shit?

Inchy said...

Believe me Bison, that's just one example of an "artist" raping an AC/DC song. Shakira, Shania Twain, Hayseed Dixie, they've all had a go at fucking up this song. I picked the Celine/Anastacia version just for the ridiculous image of Celine Dion 'rocking out' and bouncing across the stage pretending her leg is a fucking guitar, the long necked cow.

Steve said...

Must admit I have a soft spot for Heatseeker... wasn't really into rock as a teen but I did buy that single.

The Manic Street Preacher said...

After banging my head against the boxroom wall to Jimmy Krankies older brother rockin' my balls off I then proceeded to throw up at vid 2.

I may forgive you for losing my bacon and egg.

Carrots? I didn't have carrots....

Ron, Apparently said...

Jesus, that was truly fucking horrible. I got as far as the fist line and had to turn it off.
Mrs. Ron had dinner with Celine and her hubby once.She tried to tell me she was nice, this video proves otherwise.

Inchy said...

I can only assume that Celine Dion has all her food liquidised and sucks it through a straw like a shuttle astronaut. There's no way that any solids are getting through that fucking giraffe neck.

Auburn haired artist said...

Hell Yes ! AC/DC kicks ass!! NO one can deny that. Even my 13 year old son loves them. one of our few common grounds. Only a truly great band could affect so many people of all ages.

Bright Ambassador said...

I was there when they filmed that. Monsters of Rock 1991.