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Monday, May 05, 2008

Casa Inchy

Feeling energised by Sky Clearbrook's latest post (nice view Mr C) and with very little else happening at the moment, I thought that I'd purloin his idea and show you the view from the kitchen window of Casa Inchy.
I've labelled the main points of interest.

A - The 'Shed Of Dreams'. This is where the magic happens and where the two-wheeled beasts that take up a major part of my life (and my income) sleep. Currently smelling of chips due to the 200 litres of used cooking oil sitting in the corner.

B - The whirlygig. No garden would be complete without one. Directly behind is the brick flowerbed that The Demon's father, Big Gazza Stevens, built during a fit of DIY and Gin. Immediately behind that is the picnic table that The Demon sat down at last week to study German in the sun. The table gave way instantly, depositing The Demon on her arse. How we laughed.

C - Here you can make out two of the three waste bins we have. I haven't got a fucking clue what goes where, so it all goes in the green one.

D - The Demon's shed. This used to be mine before The Batcave was constructed. It is now full of 'nice things'.

E - The remains of a futon that was kindly donated by Jaggy. I'm holding on to the frame because it's what old men describe as "a good bit of wood".

. . . and yes, I know the grass needs cut, but she's not home yet.

Listening to 'Match Box' by The Kooks.


Lost Jimmy said...

Having just linked through to 'The Shed' it is indeed a magical place Inchy - beautiful Kwacker by the way!

Inchy said...

Cheers Jim.

Ro said...

And there's never an excuse to get rid of a good piece of wood!

Helga Hansen said...

They say that a man and his shed are never parted. I'm surprised you've let The Demon use your old shed! How comes you don't make her walk further down the path? :D

Steve said...

It is a well known fact that every married man needs a shed. He is incomplete without one. Shed-love... it's a man thing.

Inchy said...

Damn right it is, Steve. That and power tools . . . and possibly matt black fully automatic assault weapons, although this last one might polarise opinions somewhat.

Roman Empress said...

This looks incredibly exotic to me. I'd post a view from my back window but I fear it may turn you all to crack.

Anonymous said...

We have been in drought climate for years so my front lawn, the tiny bit there is, is brown, dry and parched. In summer you can see the cracks.

Sad really. Winter time the grass does go green however, for a while.