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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Welcome Return

I think that Richard Ashcroft is a god who walks amongst us. Plain and simple.
But it has to be said that as a band, The Verve have been a bit hit or miss. Sure, 'Urban Hymns' is an absolute classic, but 'A Storm In Heaven' from '93 and 'A Northern Soul' from '95 both fell a bit wide of the the mark for me, but I CANNOT stop listening to their new single 'Love Is Noise'. It's brilliant. Absolutely brilliant, and just my kind of thing. A confident slice of plain old rock if ever I heard it, and I really hope that their new album 'Forth' is a return to something special.

Turn it up.

Really loud.


Steve said...

I quite liked his solo album - the one released years ago with Songs For Lovers on it. Really liked that...

Roman Empress said...

I'm not keen on Richard per se. But. But. Their new single is ace.