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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"You can't park that there!"

As one does during days off, I often stumble upon the most bizarre of online flotsam & jetsam.
And I quote:

Chieftain Mk10 Main Battle Tank

Mark 10. Good working order. Recent renovations include new (reconditioned) engine and gearbox, replacement of final drive gearboxes and sprockets; new (new) GUI (donkey engine and generator) with fully functional hydraulic start; replacement of near-side wheel station including hubs, swing arms etc. Tracks in good condition. Turret electrics not used so working order not known but advised should be OK. Recently repainted so looking good and ready to go. Reason for sale: Moving to Russian military vehicles.

£14,000 + VAT ono.

If my disposable income allowed it, my house would possibly be the safest in Britain!


LeftLeaningLady said...

What is the exchange rate now? What would that cost me in American dollars? $100,000?

My son is 19. If I had had the money for something like this when he started driving, this would have been mine!

Ro said...

I wonder what the road tax would be on that ... and where would you go for the MOT?

Jaggy said...

I imagine you could anywhere Ro.

Inchy said...

I'm pretty sure you could tax and MOT it like any other commercial vehicle. Be honest, it'd look fucking magic sitting on your driveway!

Steve said...

Nice. But could I install a child seat?

Löst Jimmy said...

Those engines sound so good when they're fired up. With a plume of black smoke and a rumble, then it is off down to the supermarket ;)