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Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Life In Movies

Ok, bear with me here.
Rol has asked me to lay down my life in movies. The concept is straight forward enough, take what you consider to be your favourite film from each year of your life and compile the list. The only problem with this particular meme is that it requires a fair bit of research on your part. Wikipedia, you are my God.

In the interests of saving time (both yours and mine), I'll just list the films themselves without an explanation as to why I picked it.

Here goes:

1970 - Kelly's Heroes
What's not to like?

1971 - THX 1138

1972 - Silent Running
As relevant now as it was then.

1973 - Dark Star
Doesn't get much stranger than this.

1974 - The Towering Inferno
Paul Newman AND Steve McQueen!

1975 - Doc Savage: The Man Of Bronze
The template for Indiana Jones.

1976 - Logan's Run
"Carousel! Carousel!"

1977 - Star Wars
"Punch It Chewie!"

1978 - The Wild Geese
Burton, Moore, Harris, Granger.

1979 - Alien
The best sci-fi movie ever made.

1980 - The Blues Brothers
This film is a member of the comedy elite.

1981 - An American Werewolf In London
"Don't stray off the path, lads!"

1982 - Tron
"Put him on the game grid"

1983 - Risky Business
Rebecca De Mornay and a Porsche 928. All is good in the world.

1984 - The Killing Fields
As moving as war movies get.

1985 - The Breakfast Club
Great cast, great writing, great music. The best teen flick.

1986 - Aliens
Vietnam in space. "I say we take off, nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

1987 - Full Metal Jacket
Arguably the best war movie ever made.

1988 - Stormy Monday
Sting, Tommy lee Jones, and James Cosmo . . . in Newcastle.

1989 - Dead Poets Society
'Coming of age' films rarely interest me, but this one does.

1990 - Goodfellas
No question, the ultimate gangster flick.

1991 - New Jack City
Black is back.

1992 - Unforgiven
Clint's finest hour.

1993 - Dazed And Confused
An amazing ensemble cast, outstanding music, and lots of drugs. Perfection.

1994 - Shallow Grave
THE BEST surprise ending.

1995 - Powder
Really hard to describe this film, just watch it.

1996 - From Dusk Till Dawn
Put your brain in neutral, have a beer & a pizza, and enjoy.

1997 - Donnie Brasco
Pacino & Depp raise the bar.

1998 - The Acid House
Read the book first, it's amazing (it helps to be Scottish though).

1999 - 200 Cigarettes
A little known diamond.

2000 - Love, Honour and Obey
"Fix bayonets!"

2001 - Shrek
As good as animation gets.

2002 - Narc
Ray Liotta as you've never seen him before.

2003 - 21 Grams
It's got Sean Penn in it!

2004 - The Butterfly Effect
Not exactly Oscar material, but fresh and original.

2005 - The Constant Gardener
Ralph Fiennes acts his tits off.

2006 - The Good Shepherd
More Timothy Hutton please.

2007 - No Country For Old Men
Deserved the Oscar.

Some of these films were selected because they were very good, others because they were very bad, and some because they just make me feel good. Some are predictable pulp fiction, and others may just be off the beaten track for some people, but if I had to pick one film from all of those above to have with me on my desert island it'd be 1993's 'Dazed And Confused', I never tire of it.

I won't tag anyone else to do this meme as it's taken me two and a half hours! I suffer for my art.


Steve said...

Logan's Run - my God there's a blast from the past. I seem to recall watching the spin off TV series when I was a young nipper and being very taken with the lady who played Jessica... some things never change.

Inchy said...

Steve - Jessica 6 was played by Heather Urich, wife of the late Robert Urich, ih the tv series, but was played in the film by the delicious Jenny Aggutter (The only good reason for watching 'The Railway Children').

Rol said...

Thank you - great list.

Stormy Monday? Didn't that have STING in it?

Inchy said...

Rol - Thanks. It sure did feature Sting, and the great James Cosmo. I'll watch anything he's in.

Löst Jimmy said...

I'll second your James Cosmo comment Inchy,

The Eternal Wannabe said...

That looks like far too much work. My life can be summed up in a single movie.


Love story with gratuitous amounts of nudity terminates when iceberg strikes.

Come visit.

Jaggy said...

Very good, but there's no mention of your all time favourite homo-erotic film, Top Gun.

And why didn't you do the first 10 years of your life?

Inchy said...

Sorry Jaggy, Top Gun was narrowly beaten by Aliens, a far superior film.

I presume that your first film will be 'Citizen Kane'?

Anonymous said...

I liked the butterfly effect too only because it was bloody freaky at the end. Very original.

And I've always loved Timothy Hutton, ever since he was in that movie about a disturbed teenager when his brother died. Hmm, what was that film called?

LeftLeaningLady said...

Logan's Run. Was that a film? I thought it was a made for TV movie, maybe because that is where I saw it. I was young, and I wanted to grow up to be Farrah Fawcett, she only had a 5 minute scene, but I watched the whole movie.

Scary stuff!

I don't think I could do the last 10 years in movies, just because I don't take the time to go.

Fun post!

Ro said...

What a good idea ... but it would have been even more time-consuming if you were my age.

I'm so pleased to see Dark Star in there - it's one of the forgotten classics, hugely funny. I'm not sure about Tron though ...

Inchy said...

LLL - 'Logan's Run' starred Jenny Agutter, Michael York, and Peter Ustinov, amongst others. It was eventually made into a fairly decent tv series starring Gregory Harrison as Logan.

Ro - 'Tron' was genuinely groundbreaking in 1982, and as a computer obsessed 12 year old, fantastic! I think the light cycles sequence germinated my passion for motorbikes. I watched it again on Sunday evening. Magic.

"Find me those conscripts, null-unit!"

Ro said...

I guess Tron would have appealed to you at that age (back to me being older again ~sigh~). I'd agree that it was technically groundbreaking ... but it still didn't appeal too much to me, I'm afraid.

Inchy said...

Each to their own, Ro, each to their own.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Loads of superb films on that list, especially Dark Star, Silent Running and Alien !!!!

Inchy said...

Andrew - All three of those films are must-have's for any self respecting sci-fi fan.