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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"...and the Oscar goes to..."

As I'm sure most of you will be aware, the next instalment of the Batman franchise is released soon. I really enjoyed director Chris Nolan's previous effort 'Batman Begins', so it's with some expectation that I'm looking forward to 'The Dark Knight'.
The only problem I have is with the actor who plays the Joker, Heath Ledger.
Now I'm sure that he was a very nice man, and I'm sure that he'll probably have done a decent job of playing the twisted and evil Joker, but it's time for a wee reality check:

"It's the best performance of a villain I have seen. My feeling is that he will get a nomination, I would be very surprised if he didn't get the Oscar - he has my vote anyway," - Sir Michael Caine

"I haven't seen a villain like this, or a bad guy like this, since Dennis Hopper played Frank Booth in Blue Velvet - this out-scares Hannibal Lecter." - Gary Oldman

"I needed a phenomenal actor, but he also had to be someone unafraid of taking on such an iconic role. Heath created something entirely original. It's stunning, it's captivating. It's going to blow people away." - Chris Nolan (Director)

Now I'm not for a second suggesting that Heath Ledger's performance ISN'T everything above, but now that everyone has come out and built it up, it bloody better be!
The best I can say is that he's been pretty good, if not outstanding, in everything I've seen him in, which isn't much to be honest. In fact, I think I've only seen him in '10 Things I Hate About You' and 'A Knights Tale'. Cynically, I'm sure he wouldn't be receiving such universal acclaim if he were still with us.

As anyone who has read this blog in the past will know, I'm a HUGE fan of the cinema and tend to see films as soon as they are released, so with that in mind, should I be wrong and find that his performance does indeed 'blow me away', I'll happily watch and review 'Brokeback Mountain' and pose in a homo-erotic photograph which I'll post on here, but I'm sure my ass is safe.

PS - Just for the record, the best joker, by a huge margin, was Cesar Romero in the original Batman TV series.

This week I'm listening to 'Geraldine' by Glasvegas, and liking it because I can sing along correctly.


Jaggy said...

You've got to remember that these people are all "lovies". They'll never say a bad thing about each other, especially when one dies, he becomes the most talented person to have ever walked the planet.

He's just an actor, and not even a well known one until he popped his clogs in mysterious circumstances.

And don't come the innocent with me Mr Inchy, we all know fine well that Brokeback Mountain is one of your faves. Do you or do you not own the DVD? I rest my case.

Inchy said...

I'm sorry Jaggy, I keep forgetting to give you it back.

Ro said...

I'll be looking forward to your review - Son and I are planning to watch it so your words could have more influence than usual!

Helga Hansen said...

The bloke is dead. It doesn't matter how good or bad the performance is... he ain't going to give a toss!!

Steve said...

Brave words, Inchy. Define "homo erotic photograph"....

Inchy said...

Helga - I'm not having a go at Heath Ledger himself, not yet anyway. I'm commenting on the current media obsession with celebrity deaths and heaping praise on said celebrity when it's arguable whether it's deserved.

Steve - You tell me, what floats your boat?

Rol said...

The Oscar nod is typical Hollywood dead-star-shagging bullshit...

HOWEVER... Ledger's performance in The Brother's Grimm convinced me he could handle The Joker, and I really think he will do an excellent job.

Steve said...

What floats my boat? Kirstie Allsopp being oiled by Julia Sawalha and Michelle Ryan... can you manage that?

Löst Jimmy said...

I'm very much looking forward to the Dark Knight movie and Ledger's Joker interpretation looks great in the clips. By the way I thought 'A Knight's Tale' was awful - er, just saying.

Agree with Rol on the Brothers Grimm comment, it was slated but I thoroughly enjoyed that movie - oh and what about Ms Bellucci as the Mirror Queen, oooh!

EmmaK said...

looking forward to seeing you in all your glory in the homoerotic photo but please, no thongs? or merkins?

Mike said...

Be afraid, be very afraid :-

Zen Wizard said...

Sadly, "dying" seems to be a "very good career move" for whatever twisted reason that lurks in our collective psyches.

So there will be a "Byronic Death Cult"-effect--though you could say that there would not be if the acting had sucked.

On a Machiavellian level for the actors that will vote of the Oscar, he can't since he is dead therefore steal any role in the future from them. So on a competitive level, it is psychologically easier to vote for him since de facto of his death he won't steal your job or boink your old lady or "get your table at Hyde" or whatever those idiots think is important.

That sounds facetious but we are naive to say that is not going through some heads when those assholes vote for the Oscar.

Also Machiavellian is the fact that Warner Bros. is one of the "Big Two" studios and they "block vote" on Oscars.

In the previews, he seems to be affecting a harsh nasal New England accent like Jack Nicholson.

I don't know if impersonating another dude for two hours is "best acting ever." But on the other hand I am sure that there is more to the role than that.

This movie is sold out for the first two weeks in the US so I will have to wait and see.