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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Teach Me The Ways Of The Force

Learner drivers.
We've probably all been one at some point in our lives. I've been one three times, once in a car, once in a truck, and once on a motorbike. I still sympathise with these poor people as I clearly remember the stress that I went through whilst I was learning, but here's a small tip for any driving instructors out there. If you take your pupil down a carriageway at 30mph that is clearly signposted as a 50mph zone, then you're just teaching them how to fail a driving test. Also, as a matter of professional courtesy, I'd really try and resist the temptation to roll the window down and have a cigarette whilst trying to teach someone how to drive, it's probably breaking some kind of law, but if you really have to, please don't flick your cigarette butt in the face of the motorcyclist alongside you. Yes, I have a helmet on, but no, I can't hear you apologise, I'm too busy imagining disembowelling you with a broken beer bottle dipped in salt. Cunt.


Steve said...

Technically (unless the law is different in Scotland) it is illegal to smoke in your place of work... Mr Instructor was breaking the law!

Jaggy said...

Maybe he was doing a "homer" and so was not subject to Health and Safety regulations.

Inchy was clearly behaving like all irresponsible bikers on the road and riding to close to the car. When I was a smoker I found it impossible to flick my fag butt more than 2 or 3 feet towards errant motorcyclists.

Inchy said...

I think you'll find, Jaggy, that I was in the lane next to him, stopped, waiting on the lights to change. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a homer. The L-plates and phone numbers plastered all over the car were a bit of a give-away .