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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

There But For The Grace Of God Go I

I read today that former tv presenter John Leslie won't be charged with rape following an allegation made by a woman a couple of months ago. Now I'm no John Leslie fan, in fact I have no feelings towards Mr Leslie one way or another, but a tiny wee part of me couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for him.

An allegation of rape is every guys nightmare.

I had a lot of fun in my twenties with the opposite sex, and on more than one occasion woke up not only in a room I didn't recognise, but clearly having had unprotected sex with a woman I didn't recognize and completely unable to remember the bedroom gymnastics at all!

Given that I'm a man, and game for anything, all I felt was disappointed at my drink-fueled amnesia, but who's to say anyone else of either gender waking up in a similar situation would feel like I did? An allegation of rape, after admitting having no recollection of the act itself, would be virtually impossible to refute. 'My word against theirs' is hardly a viable defence if you're unsure of yourself.

John Leslie clearly likes sex. Some would say he's a sex addict, much like Michael Douglas claimed to be, but what goes on behind closed consenting doors is fine by me, I'm no judge.

He may well be a rapist, how the fuck would I know? That's what courts are for, but I think that it's about time that the law in this country was changed to protect the anonymity of both parties, not just the complainant. The waters seem a bit muddy to me.


Sky Clearbrook said...

If Leslie is innocent of everything he has stood accused of over these past few years (and I think he is), he has suffered the most unjust public scutiny which has already ruined his TV career threatens to ruin the new life he has made for himself too.

He likes sex. Who doesn't? But it looks like he's fair game for anyone who wants to have a go - to say nothing about the inevitable media frenzy.

By the way, the First Minister has left a message for you.

Inchy said...

Oh goody!

Helga Hansen said...

As a woman, I'd be the first to say rapists should get what they deserve, but I agree entirely that both parties are entitled to anonymity until the court case has ended, the verdict has been given and the judge has sentenced.

One only has to remember that woman who made a habit of crying "rape" whilst moving around the country and changing her name to hide her bad habit! She caused untold damage to many men and their families!!

Ron, Apparently said...

It never fails to amaze me how a swordsman such as Leslie gets branded a "sex-addict". He likes girls, specifically shagging girls. That makes him a "man" not a "sex-addict" for crying out loud.

Steve said...

It's a toughie. Most rapes in the UK still go unreported because the women are too scared and too afraid of the treatment they're going to get from the police. That's appalling.

It's also appalling that the media go for Leslie so salaciously. If he is innocent then he's been treated abominably - doubly so as he'd walked away from his old media lifestyle and started again.

The Manic Street Preacher said...

nowt wrong wi a good shag. Been pissed many a time but so have they and the only time a bird got weird on me and suggested I'd taken advantage I took her for a meal to apologise and ended up shaggin her again. She claimed the same so I got shot. Would have costed me a fortune in curry to shag her again. I doubt Leslie did rape anyone. Feel well sorry for the poor sod meself.

Anonymous said...

Many a good man's name has been tarnished forever over an allegation...some deserve it and some don't.

You got to feel terribly sorry for those blokes who have their name drawn through the mud by a spiteful girl who is making it up.

Mike said...

Inchy, where's that Dark Knight review? For the picture, perhaps something in the style of "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice", featuring yourself, Siegfried & Roy.

Inchy said...

Mike, chill.
I shall be IMAX'ing it in a few hours from now. Stay tuned.

Cynnie said...

I was raped and shot back in the 80's
the dude was some anonymous guy who attacked in the night and was never caught.
So this means I'm an expert :)
both parties should not have their names or photos shown anywhere.
because honestly afterwards I had no clue what that guy really looked like..if the police had said "how about this guy" i might have said ..yup..him.

once he's convicted they can fry him in the press..

sex addict ..
jesus fucking christ almighty.
what wrong with just wanting to fuck ?
why does everything have to be a fucking addiction?