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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Going The Extra Mile

Sometimes, just sometimes, I'm reassured that all humans aren't thick as the proverbial plank, by being on the receiving end of high levels of service from staff in shops and the suchlike.

One such staff member is Andrew, owner of Run Ecosse, a fittness and running shop 2 minutes up the road from me here in Olde Falkirk Towne. In the past he's actually recommended to me to purchase a particular product at another shop because it's cheaper there. Now that's treating the customer like an equal, and it's also the reason that I'll always go back to his shop whenever I need something he can supply.
Unfortunately, due to something called 'karma', for every Andrew, there must also be a Stacy.

Please note the Phillips CR2032 Lithium battery in the picture above, convieniently placed near a UK pound coin for an easy size comparison.
I'll just run you through the purchase shenanigans:

Stacey stands at the cash register with a blank expression that hints at either complete apathy or complete incompetence, either or both, who knows.

Stacey - "Just the battery?"
Han Solo - "Yes thanks"
Stacey - "Would you like to take out a Homebase credit card for this purchase?"
Han - "Whit?"
Stacey - "Would you like . . . etc"
Han - "No, it's only £1.99!"
Stacey - "Ok, that'll be £1.99 please"
Money changes hands.
Stacey - "Would you like a bag for that?"
Han - Without looking up "Ha Ha!"
Looks up.
Stacey - "Would you like a bag for that?"
Han - Tries to raise a smile "No, I think I'll be able to manage it just as it is, ha ha!"
Stacey - ".........."

Clearly Stacey has a bright future in a call centre somewhere, and if Andrew carries on like that he'll go out of business!


Anonymous said...

haha, it sounds like her batteries need replacing on the motherboard inside her head!

ah, customer service. how I miss those days of dealing with the general public. She's probably just switched herself off to numb the pain.

Inchy said...

There's no way I could deal with 'the public'. I'd end up strangling someone.

Groanin' Jock said...

I phoned T-Mobile a few years back to tell them I wanted to leave and take my number with me.

Me: "I'd like my PAC code so I can move to Vodafone and take my number with me"

Call Centre Gonk: "Why are you leaving us?"

Me: "Because I've moved house and don't get T-Mobile reception where I live"

CCG: "Is there anything we could do to keep you from leaving?"

Me: "Put up a mast somewhere nearby so I can use my phone in my own sitting room"

CCG: "Right. OK. We could offer you a new price plan with lots of extra minutes and free texts for less money?"

Me: "....You did hear me say I don't get a signal in my house, didn't you?"

CCG: "Yes, but you've been a customer of ours for a long time and we don't want to lose you"

That exchange brought to mind the Basil Fawlty line: "Please try to understand before one of us dies"