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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Where Are They Now?

As I was driving home today I happened upon a soundbite from John Craven on the radio (for those not from our shores, John presented a kids news show on UK television when I was growing up), which got me wondering where he was now. Now I know he does a programme called 'Countyfile', but this got me to thinking about other tv personalities that have left an imprint on me as I was growing up:

Judith Hann.
Presenter of the late, great, 'Tomorrow's World'. The Gadget Show of the eighties.

Sally James.
Presenter of 'Tiswas', and the first woman that ever had an effect on my gentleman's area.

Paul Darrow.
Played 'Avon' in the 70's/80's tv show 'Blake's 7'

Daley Thompson.
For a brief time in my life, I was convinced he was the only black man in Britain, then Benny appeared in Grange Hill.

The bloke who played Alan Carter in 'Space 1999'. Apparently his name is Nick Tate, and he was always my favourite character.

Anyone got any others?


Jaggy said...

It's a cert that at least one of them has a Burger Van on an industrial estate somewhere.

Not John Craven though, I know he does Countryfile.

Whatever happened to John Noakes, (down Shep)?

Sky Clearbrook said...

There are a couple of other Tomorrow's World presenters who fall into this category. Whatever happened to Michael Screen Test Rodd or William Woollard (also of Top Gear and rolling-yourself-up-in-a-rug-if-on-fire PIFs "fame")?

With you on Daley Thompson. Similarly, whatever happened to orange-eating parallel bar maniac, Terry Jacks?

Jay Aston out of Bucks Fizz. Mick Freetime Robertson, Jenny Hanley, Dougie Rae and Susan Stranks of Magpie. Sally Thomsett from Man About The House. Peter Jason King Wyngarde.

Zen Wizard said...

Whare are they now?

1) "Bill" of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure."

2) Jo Anne Worley.

3) "Spanky" of Spanky and Our Gang.

4) The Hispanic male that assaulted Jennifer Wilbanks.

5) dude that used to work here and always said, "What up, playuh?" to me...

6) The impossibly hot chick that worked the West drive-through lane of the Chik-Fil-A on Cobb Parkway for one day and then I never saw her again.

7) The girl who played Hayley Mills' twin in "The Parent Trap!"

(I realize that some of these are rather provincial concerns.)

Ron, Apparently said...

Now I can contribute constructively to this thread, specifically Zen's question about Bill from Bill & Ted's excellent Adventure, aka Alex Winter. He was on Russell Brand's show just a few weeks ago and said whilst he still dabbles in acting, he's much more comfortable behind the camera as a producer/director.
Which means he's out of work.

Steve said...

Oh God - Sally James. Thos itty-bitty waistcoats she wore and the cleavage... I'd have chucked some custard at her I can tell you. Er. Custard pies I meant to say...

Roman Empress said...

Inchy, I can put you out of your misery. Sally James owns a school uniform shop near Windsor.

Inchy said...

Oooh . . . that's perfect!

Steve said...

Does she model them herself? If so I'm on my way...

Lost Jimmy said...

I second that about Sally James!

Lost Jimmy said...

Her in the custard and school uniforms, er I don't know what I mean!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I didn't know where they were then. Why the fuck should I care where they are NOW??

Zen Wizard said...

At least Alex Winter is still alive and working--albeit behind the scenes.

As I recall in the last picture I saw of him, from a casting standpoint he didn't age well--I mean, he is not butt-ugly, it's just that he is not a teenage stoner and he doesn't really look like any specific "type."

Another example similar to Alex Winter is Robby Benson, who used to be ubiquitous as the "sensitive teen" but now you see his name in credits, usually as the director.

It's funny, the only guy I recognize on the target post is the "Space 1999"-guy.

Lost Jimmy said...

And what ever happened to the cast of Diff'rent Strokes?

Ro said...

Sometimes it's better not to have these stars of our younger years reappear.

I remember being completely entranced by Catherine Schell who played the shape-shifter Maya in Space 1999. Then, for many years, nothing.

She eventually reappeared in Bergerac looking old and worn out. It was so disillusioning. I know we all age, of course, but to see it like that ...

It's often said that if Marilyn Monroe had lived to a ripe old age there wouldn't be half the fascination that there is now.

Grayo said...

Whatever happened to Stig from 'Stig of the Dump'?