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Monday, June 30, 2008


3 hours and 57 minutes.

That's how long I've been rooted to the couch watching Andy Murray's comeback against Richard Gasquet. I ran a bath around half past 8, it's now 10pm - still not been in it.

A clearly emotional Murray described his win as "the best moment he's ever had on a tennis court" and it's certainly the most entertaining match I've watched in a long time.

Get in!


Helga Hansen said...

Agreed - it was brilliant! I thought Gasquet was very sporting to concede the point. Let's just hope Murray keeps it up.

Ro said...

Did he win then? ;^)

downhill dad said...

Certainly entertaining. All he need now is charisma

Inchy said...

A bit like yourself then, DD.

Steve said...

It may have just been me but I found the "look at my bicep" thing very funny. Glad he won though.