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Friday, June 27, 2008

Ever The Optimist

Good news folks. A new Gary Glitter album is imminent.

Oh joy of joys.

Apparently, the 63 year old 'glam rocker' has ". . . an incomplete album that I want to finish. I have been thinking about the plan during my days in jail."

Surely he should have been thinking 'who the fuck is going to buy my album?'.
Can you see Virgin (no pun intended, honest!) stocking a new Gary Glitter album on their shelves?
Do you think it'll feature in iTunes 'most downloaded' list?

That's optimism for you. Hounded out of his homeland and convicted of child sex offences in Vietnam, yet all that Uncle Gary can think about is his fans. That's the spirit.

"Do ya wanna be in my gang?"

Do I fuck.


Helga Hansen said...

You may f*ck but I think you're too old for Gary!! ;)

Löst Jimmy said...

And to think I sung along with the Glitter hits as a bairn!

Steve said...

WHat's he going to call it? Jail House Cock?

Ro said...

Maybe he'll get it released in Thailand ...

Groanin' Jock said...

My boss's dubious claim to fame is that he touched Glitter's bare chest from the front row of a gig. Not something you should shout about too loudly....

Inchy said...

I once ruffled Damon Albarn's hair at a Blur gig at the SECC many years ago. To this day I still don't know why.