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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Raping And Pillaging

This is Kid Rock.
You may not be aware of his work, but he was briefly married to Pamela Anderson and he's the white guy who 'raps' over rock tracks, and I'd like to thank him for abusing a couple of my favourite songs with his new track 'All Summer Long'.

Not only does he have the cheek to rip huge chunks out of 'Sweet Home Alabama' by Lynyrd Skynyrd, but he's pulled the whole tune to his song from the greatest song of all time (in my opinion) 'Werewolves Of London' by the late, great, Warren Zevon!

The bastard!

Mr Z must be burling* in his grave!

* I'm not really sure, but I think that 'burling' may be a word that doesn't really exist outside Scotland. Please substitute 'spinning' instead.

You can view the original here.


Misssy M said...

My radio station is loving this. I would refuse to play it.

It makes me want to fly to wherever this guy lives and beat him to death with a Warren Zevon album. How very dare he.

(WWOL is my son's favourite song- Stuart Maconie played it for him on Radio 2 on his first day of school)

Bright Ambassador said...

It's a shit record rendered even shitter by the inclusion of the steaming pile of crap that is Werewolves of London (sorry, but I detest that song). And it rhymes the word 'things' with 'things'. Genius. Not.

Inchy said...

That's it Ambassador, let it out. This blog is cathartic!

Bright Ambassador said...

I'll let this out then: why does he also rhyme 'internet' with 'forget'? And does he think his listeners are so stupid they wouldn't be able to work out for themselves that there was no internet in 1989?
1989 was the start of the best period of my life and he's made a shite song off the back of it. Get thee behind me Kid Rock, you tuneless turd.

Inchy said...

Ambassador - Maybe we can put our Warren Zevon related differences to one side and join forces, Tango & Cash stylee, to rid the world of the canker that is Kid Rock?

I want to be Tango though.

Ro said...

Anyone could lose their mind after being married to Pamela Anderson ...

Anyone who abuses "Sweet Home Alabama" needs a lesson in humility - perhaps we could arrange for him to give a concert for the opposition in Zimbabwe?

Löst Jimmy said...

Kid Rock?

A talentless moron

Inchy said...

I always think that tracks that heavily sample a famous classic are a really lazy way to make music, even some of the better ones. I liked the Sugababes 'Freak Like Me' as I'm a bit of a Numanoid, but even that smacked of laziness. Dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants? Indeed.

Zen Wizard said...

You look up "douchebag" in the dictionary and it says, "a pliable device used by females for bi-monthly vaginal hygiene."

And then there is a picture of Squid Rock.

Where do I begin?

The lip pubes...

The perennial absence of shirt--or, if winter, the presence of a wifebeater...

The dishwater hair willingly cut in a Seventies shag...

The "bold merger of Southern Rock and Hip Hop"...(Read: Larry the Cable Guy trying to rap.)

Is he a douchebag?

Has Pamela Anderson ever dated a CONGRESSMAN, or anyone else that would not get failed vicarious revenge against her father, for whatever he did to her?

That stupid "Cowboy" song that he started out with sounded to me suspiciously like a New Wave song that I had heard on KROQ ten years earlier....then he went downhill from there.

While I am on the subject, I myself could never wear a plastic bracelet...well, unless ME getting into Congress and scoring the resultant lifetime pension was dependent on it.

But if I wore a plastic bracelet, I would keep going, "D@mn! It's Twizzler O'Clock! I'm late for my appointment with King Kandy of Candyland! Now Lord Licorice will get the account, for sure!!"

Scary thought: If Pickett's Charge would have prevailed at Gettysburg, ALL Americans would look like this.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh you guys. Can I just say the man has SOME talent, he's really popular over in America. But and it's a big but, anyone who takes classic songs and rips them to shreds should be whipped publicly. And same to the record companies that let them do it.
Just greedy.

He's really got to get himself a decent pair of pants though, and a shirt with a collar.

Bright Ambassador said...

Was Cash the dog? Or am I getting that mixed up with Turner and Hooch?

Inchy said...

Ambassador - Hooch was the dog, but as Cash was played by Kurt 'my career has been on the slide since Snake Pliskin' Russell, I think I'd prefer to be the canine.

Zen Wizard said...

How come there was never a Tango & Hooch?

Did the dog sniff Stallone's butt and turn down the role?


(Man, this post sure did bring out some displaced aggression in me...I've never met either one of these guys--or for that matter, the dog. Well, I parked Stallone's car one time--but he tipped so I don't know what I'm so freakin' PO'ed about.)

The Manic Street Preacher said...

I first heard his name when he fucked Pammy. I heard is name for the second time when Virgin played this. I switched back to Capital Radio for a bit. I also mailed Virgin to complain at them playing such unadulterated crap.

I'm turning into Mr Angry