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Sunday, June 22, 2008

TV Theme Tunes: 2

Be honest, they definitely don't write theme tunes like they used to.

Hawaii 5-O

The Man From uncle

The New Avengers

The High Chaparral

Magnum P.I.

You liked Magnum best, didn't you?
That's ok, everyone does. It's great.


Löst Jimmy said...

I used to have a boss who looked like a cross between Magnum PI and SuperMario.

That Hawaii 5-O theme brings back memories, got to say it "Book him Danno"

Talking of favourite themes some of mine has got to be The Persuaders, Department S and the end Titles of The Sweeney

Anonymous said...

They don't make shows like they used to, in my opinion. Oh God, and I'm only 20.

They changed the ER music. Why did they do that? Well, needless to say, I stopped watching it in protest. It was crap anyway.

Although, I do miss my weekly dose of Dr. Luka. mmmmmmmmm...Goran...

Anonymous said...

The only show I watched out of all of those was Magnum PI...oh he was HOT in those days. God damn!

Steve said...

I always preferred Airwolf. There was also a show called Street Hawk which only ran for one series but the theme music was by Tangerine Dream and was pretty cool. Synth stuff. Talking of which - Miami Vice. Now that was a theme tune.

Rol said...

I like the Hawaii 5-0 theme best, sorry.

As for The New Avengers... I think you just reminded me of one of my first TV crushes. Ah, Purdy.

Oh - here's a tip for everyone else... don't set them all going at once!