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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Charidee: Part 2

Let me clarify something before I go any further:

I do not do sentimentality.

With that out of the way, let's continue.
I've just popped my blood sample in the post and it's winging its way to the secret underground bunker that houses the laboratories of The Anthony Nolan Trust as we speak.
I've been a registered organ donor and blood donor for as long as I've been legally allowed to. All it took was seeing my friend's dad as he waited for a liver transplant and that was me, signed up and take whatever still works. I'd forgotten about the bone marrow register but then I stumbled upon Adrian Sudbury's blog. Adrian's blog is one of the most popular you're likely to come accross. His writing is inventive and witty, with no sense of self pity. I say self pity because his Leukaemia is probably going to kill him soon.

Now I'm not a preacher. I'm not asking anyone to rally to the cause. I don't think badly of people who say things like "Oh no, there's no way they're cutting me open when I'm gone".

Ok, I lied about the last one, I think they're total arseholes, but my point is this:

If you have it in your power to save someone, why the fuck wouldn't you do it?

All it takes is 5 minutes on a questionaire, then another 5 with your GP for the blood sample a week or so later. Job done.
Once again, this isn't sentimentality. It's a no brainer.

I love my life, I'm having a blast, and it's great to be alive. So many mountains to ride my bike down, so many gigs to bounce around at, so many books to consume, so many films to digest, but if it were all to come crashing down, I'd like to believe that someone out there would help me when I needed it most. So it's my own selfishness that's driving me. I'm a donor because I damn well want to live. No hypocrisy.

Join the party.

This week I'm listening to 'Brothers On A Hotel Bed' by Death Cab For Cutie.


Helga Hansen said...

Inchy, well done for doing your bit. I have been a registered organ donor since I was 18.

Sadly, however, I am no longer allowed to donate blood, as I had skin cancer back in 2000. Apparently, as my cancer was of the melanoma variety, I am now a risk to others, because it has not been established (yet) whether my blood could place a recipient at risk.

I do remember feeling devastated that I could no longer donate - having cancer has affected all my future life insurance needs AND I am no longer able to do my bit... at the time I felt like a second-class citizen, I must confess!

Inchy said...

Don't be daft, Helga. You do what you can, which is still more than most. The whole 'opt in, not opt out' process for organ donation is completely "arse for tit*" as we'd say up here in Scotland.

*That means wrong way round.

Glad you're ok, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Very cool post, Inchy. I do the same thing over here.

Steve said...

You're a gent.

thebiglumpousky said...

Totally agree, there should not be an option on this. That said that is not how it is and you are jolting me into doing something about it. Isn't guilt a great thing.

Löst Jimmy said...

A stand out post Inchy - been on the register myself for a while.

Inchy said...

Good man Jim. It doesn't take much, does it.