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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Firefox 3.
It's finally here.
I have it. Right now.

Can someone please explain to me what all the fuss was about?
Don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer in The Mozilla Foundation and I've used their excellent web browser, Firefox, and email client, Thunderbird, for some years now, but F/Fox3 looks exactly like the old one, which it's supposed to I suppose, but I'm completely in the dark as to what improvements have been made 'under the hood' so to speak.

Can any geeks out there enlighten me? In queens english please.

Thunderbird Signatures/Buttons
Firefox 3


Ron, Apparently said...

Holla, scottish fella. My friend Drat is tryuing to turn his hand to the interweb thingy, and he's a racer in his novice season. Thought you might like a read.

Now tell me, do you share a page with "Oor Wullie" or "The Broons"?

Inchy said...

Welcome back Ronster, how goes it ya tattooed fuckwit?

Had a look at your friend's blog, and I'm loving some of his descriptions! Very US of A!

And for your information, 'Oor Wullie' and 'The Broons' are in The Sunday Post, not The Sunday mail!!

Jaggy said...

I could tell you what the improvements are, but you wouldn't understand. I might use too many acronyms for you.

Inchy said...

Well I know that you're a fully fledged N.E.R.D. and a self-confessed G.E.E.K. so if you could tone it down for people who actually leave their house once in a while it'd be much appreciated.

Ro said...

My understanding is it's a lot more secure and somewhat less stable.

Hey ho.

Ron, Apparently said...

Thought you might like it.
Damn, I thought i was being all knowledgable on Jocks n'all.

Zen Wizard said...

I have gotten REALLY excited about Thunderbird...

Wait--we're talking about the fortified wine or the car, right?

While I am on the subject, everyone who drives a Thunderbird is a dick.

They probably don't have them in the UK.

In America, they are everywhere--even though they stopped making them like five years ago.

You only have to follow a Thunderbird for about five blocks, and the driver will do something dickwaddy, like cut somebody off or make a "pimp turn" sweeping across two lanes.

I have often wondered what is up with that...the Curse of the Sioux Nation, or something?

Like for mining for gold in the Black Hills, now we have to drive next to people who drive Thunderbirds?

Anyway, they are like Corvette drivers will all the aggression and none of the social skills.

EmmaK said...

I only knew what you were talking about. But I suppose I should be pleased because that means I'm not a nerd!

Inchy said...

Ro - Cheers.

Ron - Can you get me a cheap deal on a new tattoo?

Zen - I'm amazed, I didn't think that Thunderbird Fortified Wine, the tipple of choice for tramps, bums, and jakies everywhere, was available in the US. And no, we don't see a lot of T/Birds over here. Thankfully.
We do get a lot of JEEP drivers claiming that they are the original 4x4's, when everyone clearly knows that Land Rover are the original and best.

Emma - You? A Nerd?! I believe you are what's known as a hottie, or possibly a MILF, depends on whether you've got the boots out!

Steve said...

I'm the same Inchy - I run both Firefox and Opera but still use IE regularly. I've been brain washed by Bill Gates.

Inchy said...

Steve - I'm playing around with Xubuntu on and old laptop of mine at the moment. Kinda interesting, but not too sure what I'll do with it.

Ron, Apparently said...

Totally. You just have to come to Portland to get it.

Ron, Apparently said...

Oh, and Thunderbird wine is an American original, made by the Gallo company in California.