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Saturday, August 08, 2009

"Put him on the game grid!"

Oh happy day!
If you were a fan of the Disney film TRON when you were a kid, and lets face it, who wasn't, then this should float your boat bigtime.
This is the trailer for next years 'Tron Legacy' which looks simply stunning.
Bring on the light cycles!

Check it out here.


Steve said...

I liked Tron at the time but it dated very quickly... hope this doesn't do the same. It certainly looks nice and slick. I'd certainly be interested to see more. The trailer has done it's job.

Löst Jimmy said...

I'll give it a go, now rev up your Light Cycle and head for oblivion!

I was reading the other day that this is going to be set up for IMAX 3D, if so I'll be there with the goggles.

Inchy said...

I must have watched this clip 20 times by now, it looks fantastic!

I hope the light cycles scene in the movie is a bit longer and faster paced than this teaser, but I can guarantee you I'll be IMAX'd to the max for this bad boy!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Looks very cool !!!!