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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Intolerable Cruelty

Just when poor Andrew Sachs is starting to get over his current phone abuse trauma, yet another highly respected and well loved celebrity is having their life ruined, yes ruined, by the callous acts of a few others.

*Award winning "actress" Sienna Miller is suffering a "campaign of harassment" by paparazzi photographers that is making her poor wee millionaire lifestyle a misery.
Sienna, who has apparently been in 15 films even though she's most famous for nobbing Jude Law, has told a court in London that she has been caused "substantial alarm, fear and enormous distress" every time she steps out of her house.....immaculately made-up and wearing the very latest cutting edge fashion, or whenever she shows up at première of a new movie. How dare they take photographs of a woman who has devoted her adult life to being in the public eye.

Poor wee lamb.

It's no wonder she wasn't in court for the hearing. She's far better off staying in America for now, where she's filming a movie. If she was in court, some unfeeling swine might snap off a quick photo. The bastards.

*She won the EMA Futures Award, whatever the hell that is, at the 2007 Environmental Media Awards.


Jaggy said...

I always thought "nobbing" had a silent k.

Not being a celebrity worshipper I don't really know who she is, but I'm pretty sure she'd be even more obscure if she didn't have constant media attention.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you is what springs to mind here.

Zen Wizard said...

Ironically she probably reams her publicists a new one when, say, an issue of Vogue comes out and she is not on the cover.

The closest thing I personally have ever experienced to being a celebrity is being white in Jamaica and trying to walk down the freakin' street without people bothering you. (Which is impossible--you almost have to hire a guy to scare them off.)

If that is what being a celebrity is like it must royally suck.

Eostre said...

For a second there I thought the post's title was in reference to what she was wearing.

The embarrassment of her forgetting to put on her skirt/trousers must have been compounded by the fact that she had on granny panties that day, poor girl.

Those horrible photographers probably didn't even take pictures of her good side.

Inchy said...

Granny pants are all the rage here in the UK, I'm wearing mine right now.

Misssy M said...

Oh she HATES the attention that one. Hates it. I mean when I went out in my pants last week I knew what I was doing, I wanted people to stare, but she hates all that stuff.

Inchy said...

Misssy, I'm afraid to say that I'm now unavoidably picturing you in your granny pants. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
Maybe Meeester could Photoshop it for us?

TLP said...

I never even heard of her. But what the heck? I say let the Wookie win. All you have to do is figure out which side the Wookie is on.

TLP said...

Look again. Those aren't granny panties. That's a panty girdle.

(Interesting that panties are treated as a plural, and girdle as singular. Or maybe not interesting. Just sayin'.)

Inchy said...

TLP - I have to admit that I'm not exactly an expert on ladies undergarments. I have NO idea what a girdle is.

Roman Empress said...

Yet another excuse to post a pic of a foxy lady. What must 'the demon' think?

Inchy said...

Hey, I don't complain about her Patrick Dempsey screen saver!

Steve said...

I have far more respect for Abi Titmuss - she used her brain and copyrighted her own image. Now she gets a sizeable chunk of cash whenever it's used. When an ex boyfriend sold his story of their affair to the tabloids they naturally used a pic of her - she ended up getting more money than he did for the story.

Löst Jimmy said...

Miller - talentless besom

Sky Clearbrook said...

Another fine example of Sienna Miller perfecting the art of how not to be seen.

Inchy said...

I know, it's like she just blends into the background!