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Friday, October 03, 2008


Yes indeed, as Maxi Jazz put it "I can't get no sleep".

I've always suffered from the odd bout of insomnia since childhood and this has carried on into later life. It happens maybe every couple of months or so, and last night/this morning has been one big long day so far for me.
As I type this I've been awake for 27 hours and I'm about to head off to work for the day. All in all it'll probably be around 10 o'clock tonight before I get to bed giving me a potentially 40 hour long day.

It's fascinating to see how fatigue manifests itself on the mind and body.
Right now my spelling has taken a real dip from it's usual low standard to that of a six year old. Thankfully, Firefox's spell checker plugin is here to save my blushes.
I look like I have a hangover, which is fairly accurate up to a point. My eyes hurt and are red and my mouth feels like someone of dubious personal hygiene has slept in it.
Strangely though I will get a second wind. Around 2 o'clock-ish I know I'll feel fine, I always do.
The body is an incredible machine, and the mind only more so.

Wonder if I can go the whole weekend?


Rol said...

You have my sympathy. Though I do get bouts of insomnia myself, my other half gets them far worse and really suffers. It amazes me how she struggles on though, because one sleepless night just about kills me, whereas she manages to keep going, sometimes only getting a couple of hours a night for a whole week.

I just don't have the stamina. Then again, to get a second wind, I reckon you probably need to have had a first one at some point...

Inchy said...

You have no idea how boring the information super highway becomes after you've been staring at it for 9 hours.
I even read David Cameron's blog, that's how bored I was.

Jaggy said...

Read some of your old posts, that'll soon send you to sleep.

Inchy said...

Or I could just ask you what the front side bus speed is of your PC, that always knocks me out like a light.

TLP said...

Well, I'm far from Scotland, so I'm totally uninteresting to you, but I landed here via the Black Box.

The Black Box is what I use when I can't sleep. It's early evening here, so I shouldn't be sleeping anyway. I, of course, shouldn't be playing with the Black Box either, but there you go. All nonsense: the entire world.

Jennifer said...

Here via the Black Box as well... feeling really tired right now.

Inchy said...

TLP, Jennifer - Hello and welcome aboard.

Ron, Apparently said...

Ambien 10mg. Works a treat, mate.