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Saturday, September 13, 2008

"I Feel The Need . . ."

. . . the need for an effective car parking policy and/or a park 'n' ride system.

Ladies, a small tip. Most, if not all, men are mentally still 16 years old. Sure, we cut the grass, make you dinner and other responsibilities, but underneath it all we still get excited by planes, trains and automobiles.
It was this line of thinking that found myself and The Demon making the 90 minute journey from Falkirk to RAF Leuchars for the 2008 Scottish Air Show held there.
I'd been preparing since early morning. The waterproof trousers were in the bag, along with the camera, big lens, spare battery and the packed lunch that The Demon had prepared (well I say prepared, but it was just 2 rolls on cheese and a 2 packets of salt 'n' vinegar McCoys. She's no Nigella).
As soon as she'd put the face on, risky given the weather conditions, it was into the ebay car, sat-nav primed with the coordinates of the base, and off we headed.
Some time later we joined the queue for the car park with the sat-nav showing 15 miles to go.
An hour later we still had 13.5 miles to go when a sudden bout of common sense hit me and I turned the car 90 degrees and came home.
I'd promised Her Demoness that I'd have her home by 5 0'clock as she's going to a discotheque in Glasgow tonight with some other middle-aged ladies, so by my estimations we'd only have had about 90 minutes at the show, missing the Avro Vulcan XH588 (surely one of the most amazing and beautiful machines ever made) which was really my sole reason for going, so it seemed a bit pointless even trying. I'm quite disappointed nonetheless.

Still, it's a pretty effective way of foiling an Al Qaeda car bomb attack.


Bulldog said...

Anyone who doesn't find war planes sexy, should not be allowed to vote or drive.

Bulldog said...

or piss standing up.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you are a nice boyfriend. You did good.

Jaggy said...

I'm surprised you found your way home at all. You would have been quicker turning 180 degrees.

I heard the weather was shit up there yesterday anyway. If you search for Leuchars 2008 on Flickr you'll see plenty of pictures from the plane nerds already, including the Vulcan, so almost no need to go.

I'm off to try You Tube to see if there's any videos of it from yesterday yet.

Sounds like they haven't got their traffic management issues sorted yet, I've been twice in the last 6 years and both times the whole of Fife ground to a halt. Totally pish. It spoilt an otherwise good day out.

Inchy said...

588 didn't do a display flight yesterday due to the low cloudbase.

unique_stephen said...

A mate of mine flies hot air balloons for a living. Every now and again i help him out flying an airshow. One time we had a mirage fly below us.

Groanin' Jock said...

Sounds like the queue for T In The Park last year - mates of mine took EIGHT HOURS to get from Falkirk to the festival site, saw Arctic Monkeys then took five hours to get home. Pish or what?

Inchy said...

Definitely pish, Jock.
I know it's Scotland we live in and that we can't have a six-lane motorway to everywhere, but you'd think that event organisers would learn to expect these things and plan around them.