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Monday, September 08, 2008

Cheater Or Champion?

Does anyone really give a shit?
These idiots do.

I actually hope he did cheat, because that might possibly make F1 interesting again, instead of the snoozefest that it currently is.


When I was a kid, my world revolved around Formula 1. I used to sit, every Sunday, inches from the tv to watch my hero, the late James Hunt, turn into superman behind the wheel of his car, but how things have changed. I think I'd probably prefer to watch cricket*.

*This is a lie.


The Manic Street Preacher said...

'Hunt the shunt' eh? Now there was a real driver!!!! RIP

Stopped watching it after Mansell won it. Boring.

The Old Pretenders FC played cricket on our tour on the Saturday. That was worth watching. Our Egyptian international thought it was like baseball and used his bat accordingly

Anonymous said...

Oi! Cricket is not so bad...especially when the Australians are playing. I can understand the sentiments for the English cricket team however....