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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top Tottie Tuesday: Nov '08

This months unattainable tantric yoga partner is the lovely Jessica Biel.

I've mentioned my "appreciation" for Miss Biel before, just over a year ago in fact, but she's definitely worth a second look.
A model, a singer, an actress and a woman that looks just as good leaving the gym with no make up and sweaty armpits as she is strolling down the red carpet for a Hollywood première. Is there no end to her talents?

She's been in a good few movies by now and, in my opinion, she's given a good account of herself, but she has also been in two of the worst films of all time, 'Blade:Trinity' in 2004 and 'Stealth' in 2005, stinkers both of the highest order.
She's currently hated by women the world over for being the personal 'squeeze' of Justin Timberlake, but that just shows me that underneath all the manufactured personna he actually has good taste.

Well done young man, I salute you and despise you in equal measure.


Zen Wizard said...

Legend has it a businessman paid her $30,000 to have lunch with him.

That would probably be worth it if she could finally explain the Theory of Relativity and what the central theme of Dostoevsky was to you.

Like if she could really summarize it and encapsulate it without using too many esoteric terms that only philosophers like her know the meaning of...

I would also like to hear her insights as to what we should do in Waziristan.

Excuse me, "What, IF ANYTHING..."

Andrew Glazebrook said...

She's HOT,HOT,HOT and I'd watch 'Blade:Trinity'and 'Stealth' anytime just to see her !!

Eostre said...

I enjoyed Stealth. Mostly because for me it was the story of Jessica Beil's ass making its way across some rough terrain. I'm still undecided on the rest of her but my god what a lucious lucious ass. That ass can single handedly bring sexy back.

This video is Timberlake's saving grace I feel.

Inchy said...

I do remember that ass with great fondness and affection.
I think I now know why Justin Timberlake looks so smug all the time. He's obviously thinking "Damn I'm lucky, I could have ended up with Britney instead!"

Zen Wizard said...

I would like to see her play "Mary Tyrone" in Long Day's Journey Into Night.

Steve said...

Justin may have good taste but Jessica Biel, alas, does not. However, I'd be prepared to overlook that provided she made me a full and very physical apology.