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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Moore's Law

Purely by accident, tonight I caught the Michael Moore documentary 'Sicko'.
If you haven't seen it, it's been out now for just over a year, it's about the American healthcare system and predominantly the HMO companies that have the power, quite literally, of life and death over the citizens of the good ol' US of A.

I know Michael Moore has his critics, and only a fool would believe that his stunts aren't scripted or staged, but you can't argue with the powerful message that he gets across.

He spends time here in the UK to take a look at the NHS and marvels at the concept of free heathcare for all.
Now I spent 7 years working within the NHS and I always considered it to be like an old decrepit dog, lurching from one cash crisis to the next, waiting for someone to put it down, but after watching Mr Moore's Docu-movie, I have to admit, right now I'm feeling the love for the National Health Service.

I, touch wood, don't have much need for it myself, but my father is currently being treated for cancer and I dread to think how much the radiotherapy and chemotherapy that he's receiving would cost across the pond.

I suddenly feel lucky.


Steve said...

We say this a while ago. Very sobering stuff. Also makes me glad that Hilary Clinton has been drop kicked by Obama - her great stand against the insurance companies obviously stalled once they offered her some juicy incentives...

Eostre said...

I keep meaning to see this, but never quite get around to it. Moore isn't the most impartial of commentators, but his movies are certainly eye openers.

Zen Wizard said...

In my opinion, universal "basic" is a fundamental right--universal "advanced" is not. (Of course, you have a fundamental right to get any legal aggressive health care you can afford, if YOU pay for it.)

"Basic"= remove bullet from gunshot wound.

"Advanced"= breast enhancement surgery, etc. Yes some "Cadillac plans" cover stuff like that. If you can afford it more power to you.

I went to a "free" prostate cancer screening in a mall sponsored by the University of Michigan last year.

You took a number--mine was like 353. After three hours of waiting at the mall and spending about $6 at Starbucks, the number was "up" to about 138.

I burned gas, spent money, and wasted a perfectly good Sunday afternoon. No exam--since I left in disgust. I ended up just paying the co-pay and getting an exam with my PPO doctor.

In my opinion the word "Universal" should be used with caution in the USA.

Remember "Universal home ownership" in the Nineties?

Also, if we go "Universal health care," in my opinion we need to seal the borders.

Once you are physically in the USA you are a person with fundamental rights (Plyler v. Doe.)

Inchy said...

Zen - I think the problem you have with that idea is when does basic become advanced?
It's quite a bizarre situation you have over there. Having to make sure you're covered by insurance or have enough cash to cover your medical bills is just so different, so alien to how things are over here that I just can't understand how you sleep at night without worrying.
I know that no matter what befalls me I'll be looked after and people will do what it takes to try and fix me.
It's something the I don't even consciously think about.

Ron, Apparently said...

Oooooh, I cant wait to weigh in on this one.

Inchy said...

Ah, Ronster.
I wondered when you'd rear your ugly head.
I can think of no better qualified person to voice their opinion on this subject so the mic is yours, take it away.