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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Infected With A Poison

Just when you thought it was safe to go into your email . . .

Steve has "kindly" tagged me again for yet another of the memes that are doing the rounds at the moment, although this one is relatively simple.

Name your most embarrassing record/cd/track ever.

I ripped all my cd's into iTunes many years ago and it conveniently has a play counter so you can see how many times you've listened to any one track. All I'll say is that the one that I'm cringing over has had 317 moments of glory.

Is it 'What is love' by Haddaway?
Is it 'Human Nature' by Gary Clail and The On-U Sound System?
Not even close.
Is it 'Real Love' by The Time Frequency?
Nope, although having just listened to those three tracks again, I'm wondering what the fuck I was thinking about during my dance phase.

In fact it's 'Out Of Touch' by Daryl Hall & John Oates from their snappily titled 1984 album 'Big Bam Boom'.

I love this song, I'm not sure why, but I have at least 5 versions of it, from vinyl to cd to mp3.
It's still fantastic today, and if I've had a few drinkypoos then I'll happily sing along at the top of my voice, imagining that I'm hirsute Daryl himself, strawberry blond locks flowing on the wind.
Damn, he had good hair!

I never really liked anything else they did, and in fact the rest of Big Bam Boom is utter shite, but Out Of Touch . . . a moment of genius.
Both men still tour and perform together as Hall & Oates, but both have diversified in later life. Daryl Hall now restores and preserves historic buildings and homes, both here in the UK and in America, and John Oates is a midget in the circus.

Enjoy, you can thank me later.

Ok, lets hear it Jaggy, Roman Empress, Misssy and EmmaK


Misssy M said...

What a vicarious thrill- I loved that Hall and Oates track. I kind of had my hair like that in the 80s. Aye, Hall's hair, not Oates.

Actually I had my hair like Oates too but that was a mistake involving an under-trained local hairdresser called Jean.

(I also like H and O's Maneater- c'mon, how good is that?)

I will reveal my choice in a later post, you tag-happy beast.

Steve said...

I still rate Hall & Oates, I have to say and Method Of Modern Love still gets airplay on my MP3 player more often than not... the music still sounds so polished and lush it's a real aural experience to listen to it.

Löst Jimmy said...

Inchy I have yet to complete the meme tag you obligated me with the other week - I've been somewhat subdued but I have the draft and it will be done and dusted this very weekend - barring any hideous disasters that might befall.....*hic*

Zen Wizard said...

I didn't see, "It's Raining Men" on your playlist--so there is still hope!!

Other Harbingers of Doom:

"I Will Survive," by Gloria Gaynor.

"Hey Mickey" by Tony Basil.

"Too Shy," Kajagoogoo.

EmmaK said...

Kudos for being so honest
I love Hall and Oates
I have the worst musical taste in history
I even quite like the Electric Light Orchestra
I'm gonna do this meme baby

Inchy said...

Jimmy - Come on, get it out! (that sounds a bit wrong)

Zen - Those songs are the stuff of nightmares.

EmmaK - I look forward to it.

Rol said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of Hall & Oates. The first three you mentioned were far more embarrassing.