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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scenes From A Happier Time #2

When I was 5 there was no greater moment in my life than a Sunday afternoon, just after Farming Outlook finished, because that meant that the greatest tv show ever was about to start! (That's not saying much with only 5 years of tv viewing under your belt!)

Space: 1999, which according to wiki only ran for two amazing years, consumed my life.
I had a fleet of model 'Eagle' spacecraft with their interchangable crew compartments (still got one of them), I had a communicator device that Blue Peter showed you how to make out of toilet rolls and plankton and I even had a rare Airfix model of the Mark IX Hawk which made a fleeting visit to Moonbase Alpha once or twice.
This show had everything. Great special effects, cheesy acting, the entire cast of The Bill/Grange Hill/Bergerac, Martin Landau, yes, Martin Fucking Landau, and it had what can only be described as The Most Kick-Ass Theme Tune EVER!

I would have happily given up my Evel Knievel stunt bike, my Crossfire AND my Ricochet Racers to spend one day as Alan Carter, Eagle pilot.

Moonbase Alpha, we mourn your passing.


The Preacherman said...

I would cheerfully take the piss but I can't. I had a thing about birds with purple hair for far too long after this show.

Inchy said...

At 5 I didn't really realise that Catherine Schell, who played the burd in question, was quite the hottie.

Steve said...

Was the bird in question, Catherine Schell? - the one that could change into various animals? I had a big thing about her too. Actually if you google her she's still pretty tasty...

Inchy said...

Steve, way ahead of you mate!

Fnar fnar!

Löst Jimmy said...

Oh man, you had an Eagle collection of extraordinary magnitude!

Inchy said...

Steady on Jim, by 'fleet' I actually mean three.