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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"I Feel The Need . . . "

When I was a kid there really only ever was one job that I wanted to do, and that was be a fighter pilot. I had airfix models coming out of my ears, I could rhyme off the stats of an A-8 Corsair II versus a Blackburn Buccaneer and at the age of eleven I carried out a project at school outlining why The Allies enjoyed air superiority over The Axis Powers during the latter half of the second world war. I remember giving my presentation with much gusto and vim and watching my classmates staring back at me like dogs that had been shown card tricks.

The career as Scotland's answer to Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell was never on the cards, but my fascination, admiration and plain lust for some of mankinds most lethal fighting aircraft has never left me. It must be a guy thing I guess.

All of which led to me being delighted to stumble accross this great blog here which has hundreds of these high quality widescreen wallpaper shots of men, mostly American it has to be said, enjoying the kind of High-G pleasures I will probably never know. "Jealous" doesn't even come close.
You, dear reader, can be my wingman anytime.

1 comment:

Steve said...

I'd love to fly inverted and give a Ruskie the finger from my cockpit.

I just wish that didn't sound like a move from a porn film.