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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Run Fat Boy, Run!

See the bloke on the left?
That's how I imagine I look when I go for a run.

See the bloke below?
That's probably what other people see when I go for a run.

I've recently arrived at a point in my life where my own level of fitness has become an issue for me, both in a personal and potentially professional capacity, so, like many men my age, I've pulled on the trainers and started running again.
When I was a kid I ran everywhere, but I was a sprinter never a distance man, and came second at nearly every school sports day 60 metre event (Damn you Scott Patterson!), but then 'life' came along and brought beer, kebabs and Sky TV with it!

Now I don't want you to think that I need Jerry Springer and the Falkirk Fire Brigade to cut me out my house or anything like that, but I could happily lose half a stone or so and make myself feel better at the same time, all of which would help me on my beloved mountain bike.
Win/win situation then.

Well it would be if the park at the end of my road wasn't full of people doing the same thing, most of whom DO look like the couple in the top pic, sprinting around with their skin tight clothing, healthy patina of sweat and iPod nano strapped to their arm.
I, on the other hand, resemble Willem Dafoe emerging from the jungle in the scene from 'Platoon' where he takes a bullet, my face fixed in a visage of discomforture.

There's something to be said for just letting yourself go.


Steve said...

Keep at it Inchy. Though given your love of mountain bikery I refuse to believe that you are that unfit. As I approach the big 4-0 next month I probably should become more fitness conscience myself. I'm not at all over weight but I do worry about cholesterol and such. And stress. I need a big stress detox right now. Shooting my boss would be a great help. I wonder if I could get the bullets on the NHS?

Inchy said...

Steve, strange as it may sound, flogging your ageing, decrepit, lathargic body to within an inch of cardiac arrest actually seems to be a bit of a stress-buster, or maybe that's the long Radox bath that follows.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Me and the Missus and my son take part in Park Run on a Saturday Morning at 9am, it's a 5K run in a local park, if you do a search for Park Run you might find a park near you that does this, it's much more fun running with a group of people, I try to get behind some young woman and just follow her arse around the course ! :)

Inchy said...

Andrew, the only problem with that idea is that there's a good chance I'd get arrested.

Might be worth a criminal record though!

Löst Jimmy said...

Nothing wrong with carrying some relaxed muscle...think imaginary six-pack which is actually a keg.


Inchy said...

Are you speaking from personal experiance Jim?

Löst Jimmy said...

er....Yes. Quite obvious I do the wrong kind of working out

Inchy said...

Better to be good at something than world class at nothing, my friend.