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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

There IS a God!

As I sit here, spitting bright green phlegm into a bucket, I find myself drawn into the world of internet news channels, and lo and behold, Britney has lost custody of her children!

Pause for irony . . . .

. . . carry on.

This is surely another example of the evolution of Man. In recent months, we've had Paris Hilton thrown in jail, Lindsey Lohan sacked by her employers, and now Miss Spears losing custody of her boys. All day-glo examples that we're finally growing tired of 'celebrities' having things their own way.

I've got my fingers crossed that a suicide bid, successful or otherwise, is just around the corner!

"Remember to get your whole mouth over the shotgun, Britney!"

1 comment:

Jaggy said...

It's a pity Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Pete Docherty and Kate Moss don't have kids to get taken off them. Then we might see a mass suicide pact.