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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Morewood Shova ST

Oh joy of joy! After at least a fortnight of 'humming & hawing' I've finally parted with the cash and ordered myself a new full-sus frame. I had a list of about ten frames I wanted which I whittled down to five, then three, then at last it came down to either a Tomac 'Eli' or a Morewood 'Shova' ST. Both frames are pretty much perfect for what I do, but the Morewood is just that tiny bit more trick looking, with all that CNC'd alloy that I get a hardon over. Plus, I'm probably unlikely to spot another one, which is kinda cool.

To say that I'm fucking beside myself with excitement is an understatement!

I'll put up more pics when it arrives.


garfieldrannoch said...

Pretty much perfect for what you do? what, balance on the kitchen table?

Inchy said...


Clearly the whiskey hadn't kicked in yet, Mr Rannoch!

garfieldrannoch said...

Actuallly I was still awake because I was watching the world series, whilst sewing my costume for jaggy's do, sober i may add.

Inchy said...

How the mighty have fallen!