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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Today . . .

. . . has not been a good day. I felt the first stirrings of the prodrome phase of a migraine attack as soon as I woke up, the fogginess, the irritability, sensitivity to light etc etc. Then aound noon, BANG! Houston, we have a problem!

For those of you who've never suffered from a migraine, it's not JUST a headache. It's totally incapacitating. I've been unable to eat, to sleep, to concentrate, even unable to surf the net. All I've been able to do is lie down in a dark room and try and ignore the nausea and the blinding pain behind my left eye. It's always the fucking left eye!

I've suffered from infrequent migraines most of my adult life, but this one was easily the worst I've had in the past decade. No amount of pain killers will make the slightest dent in it, in fact all you can really do is hope that you'll feel better in the morning. Looks like it's an early night for me then!

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